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Hi All, I'm new so I hope this is helpful. I was very ill ten years ago - bedridden with fatigue, chronic pain, nausea, etc, but couldn't get a useful diagnosis from my UK GP - no surprise there.

On a friends recommendation I visited a Homotoxicologist - at that time the only one practicing in the UK. Homotoxicology is very similar to Homeopathy, but also includes treatment using tiny amounts of sterilised disease tissue to treat like with like. The tissue is dissolved in alcohol and taken as drops diluted in water, the same as Homeopathic treatments. Diagnosis is through EAV.

I've been in almost complete remission now for nearly nine years. My memory still isn't what it was, my immune system is not great and I have some weird immune system reactions (I get an allergy rash every time I get a cold or other infection!), but all my food intolerances have cleared up and I'm overall doing pretty good. I have a full time job and even play sports!

Having read through the recent research on XMRV and the Canadian definition of ME, it's now pretty clear that that is what I was suffering from.

I hope other people can benefit from this treatment. There are now other practitioners in the UK, but I attended the Tree of Life Clinic in Woolston, near Southampton: http://thetreeoflifeclinic.co.uk/


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yes, i know the method your are talking about michelle. i never heard it in relation to disease tissue though, where did they cut it from? however, congrats on your remission !