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Homeopathy poll

I've tried homeopathy treatment and my response has been

  • Incredible! I feel like a new man or woman

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  • Somewhat worse

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  • A Nightmare - Homeopathy was a nightmare!

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I started homeopathy 2 weeks ago and my homeopathist has given me hope.There's no response yet though.I've been looking at different threads and there's some people say that it helped but some others say "it's not good for anything".

So I decided to make this poll and see how many responded well.


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i try with no response..but honestly speaking i don t really understand the concept of homeopathy..herbal remedies on the other hand ,had help me..
I'm afraid that it's pretty near impossible that the substance of homeopathic 'medicine' will be of any use in treating ill health. On the plus side, of all the speculative and experimental treatments available, it's one of the least likely to cause physical harm.
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I don't see how you will get any useful info from answers to your poll. What remedy did people use? How often per day?What symptoms were they seeking to relieve? It's not very specific.


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Southeast U.S.
I have found it quite helpful for some--note, some--things.
Helps me a lot with some mild, sneeze-y type allergies.

What? Placebo effect, you say? And that's fine too in these situations--

Pick and choose-- it's probably not for when you fall off the ladder into the rose bush and the shutter falls on your head.

Please let us know how your treatment goes--
(Awesomely, we hope!)


Hi, it's important to note that many "homeopaths" actually sell remedies (eg active substances in the bottle), even though "traditional" homeopathy dilutes it beyond all existence..

Seriously, it's like dropping a sugar cube in the mediterranean off of Italy, and expecting the water to taste sweet in Tunisia.

That is "real homeopathy".

So, if you're getting a real substance, make sure you know wtf you're being given.

If you're getting real homeopathy, tap water is considerably cheaper and contains all known homeopathic cures already.

Armed with that knowledge, go forth and line their pockets. It might just help you. Many swear by it. Many swear by prayer too.

The great thing about the alleged "placebo effect" is that I can tell you this, and yet it will STILL work if you're susceptible.


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Homeopathy will only harm your wallet (as stated above) unless one has aversions to water, tiny amounts of sugar, or another inert ingredient.

Homeopathy is a fraud on the public and complete pseudoscience. It has no effect except to make the patient poorer and in most cases delays getting real help.

Don't do it.


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I had homeopathic treatment for years. It seriously helped me.

I started with a private homeopath which was very costly. She sorted my sleeping disorder COMPLETELY!
I mean she was fantastic I only had to see her once. I still don't have problems in sleeping department. This was a revolution for me and worth every penny!

This was before I had the chicken pox (2005) and the diagnosis of M.E. (2008)

After the M.E. diagnosis my GP said that the conventional medicine does not know much about this illness and the treatment. She said she would be willing to give me anything alternative if I wished. We discussed homeopathy and there was an excellent NHS Homeopathic Hospital where I live in UK. I used their services with success for years. It was free. The service is given by doctors who have a degree in medicine, some of them specialist too. Plus they studied homeopathy as a second or actually third degree.

Patients were prescribed variety of remedies decided after consultations and prepared in the homeopathic chemist department and handed to the patient free of charge. My homeopathic doctor was specialized in M.E. she was very helpful. I managed to stay mild because of her.

But then, things were changed unfortunately, NHS decided not refer new patients, change the name of the hospital into "Integrative Care". Close down the chemist and not pay for the prescription unless your GP agrees. And take old patients off the list if they have not been in contact less than a year. I think they want to close this wonderful hospital. The building is a faboulous, in a very classy district would worth few pennies.

Not giving service without using the big pharma is not NHS's thing.

I believe in homeopathy, it works.
I did not try homeopathy. For me it works as placebo, sometimes placebo is quite close to marketed drugs if we consider efficacy, so I don't neglect it either.