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Holosync for ME/CFS?


Phoenix Rising Founder
Meditation is often very difficult for fatigued, mind wandering ME/CFS patients. When it works it definitely works but I think for many it either is not worth the time or it's just too much work. I recently ran across someone it was very high on Holo-sync' a process that uses rhythmic sounds I believe to make it easy to meditate and enjoy the benefits of meditation.


Proper breathing is important. Shallow breathing actually pushes the autonomic nervous system towards to stress response. We know that ME/CFS patients have low heart rate variability and deep slow breathing actually enhances heart rate variability.

Anyone tried this? think it sounds really intriguing and I'm going to try the free demo CD they will send out. https://www.centerpointe.com/demo/index.php


Moderation Resource Albuquerque
I use it. I like it! They will send you (or you can download?) a free sample. It does make things easier. When you sign up for it, you do get a zillion promotional emails about everything under the sun--that is the only negative for me!