HLA type B-44 and Increased Suseptability to CFS/Mikovits


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Any thoughts?

Results in today, pos PCR for xmrv/VIP dx. I did not have a viral infection trigger my cfs.. i started my illness with neuro symptoms.. zapping out, hypersomnia, slurring speech, shakes/chills with tachy and ANS swings. I was diagnosed with lyme and babesia three years ago.. was fine enough.. no crushing fatigue, no chronic pain, no cement in my veins and muscles until less than two years ago. I dont have viral titers other than a high EBV IgG. I was exposed to toxic black mold.

HLA type caught my eye since I just moved from stachy house and started biotoxin treatment to address evidence of biotoxin illness as per cytokine and other markers/Shoemaker.

I have elevated C4a and TGF-b1. Low MSH, low leptin, low VIP. Surprisingly normal VEGF and slightly elevtated EPO which may be keeping VEGF up.

I have one of Shoemaker's multisuseptable HLA types for biotoxin illness.. one of a few he calls "dreaded genes".

So this makes me curious about the HLA type B-44 and how it might play in with xmrv. Can you carry xmrv and not develop cfs due to HLA type.. or develop it "due to" HLA type.. realizing HLA type doesnt cause.. is there a potential connection?

Are there degrees of illness with xmrv? What factors might make a difference?

I am also curious because there is a possiblity my mother has xmrv since she has for years had most likely a mild case of cfs. She lives in chronic pain and would often "overextend" herself and then end up in the bed for days. Her mother had a strange illness that no one could put a finger on.. strange ways of dealing with it.. for example, my g-father would wrap her tightly in cold or warm sheets.. Im thinking it had to be warm sheets.. my mother cant rememer.. she wasnt bedridden, but something was wrong.

My g-father died young in eary 50s from ***prostate cancer***.

My sister was bedridden for about a decade until she "healed" after a NDE. She also moved out of a damp basement about this time.

So im wondering how my mother can carry this if she does and not be so sick and my sister who also may carry this be so sick and then well.. ??

And about the potential role of HLA type as mentioned in the pdf..

Two lines of thought that may or not merge.