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HLA-DR gene testing BEFORE getting mycotoxin test done?

Does it make more sense to get a HLA-DR gene test done first? And then get a mycotoxin profile done only if I test positive for the gene?

I read we all have mold toxins in our bodies but what determines if the mold harms us is whether we have the gene.

gene test is offered by LabCorp. Mycotoxin text is not covered and is $400 from real time labs.
Hi there,

I have the mold susceptible gene and it was good information to have, but from my understanding some people can still get sick from mold without it, just not super sick like those who have it. You can get the same test through Great Plains for a bit cheaper ($325).


If it were me, I would do both. I think combined it would give you a lot more useful information.