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Hillary's newest blog post is something everyone needs to read!



more CDC chatter today

****NEW THREAD NOTICE: muffin started a new thread on the CDC chatter so I am directing any discussion about what I posted below to: NEW!!! www.CDCchatter.net TOPIC on CDC Credibility

The comments are still there, just disassociated with the root article so you can't access them without a direct link.


These are most certainly comments from CDC employees. Here are a few samples...

Has the CDC lost its Credibility with the American public?

The numbers of people who refuse to get the H1N1 vaccine are large and show that the public does not trust what the CDC says – regardless of the possible complications of getting the virus. And then there is the XMRV virus discovery in October by the Whittemore-Peterson Institute in Nevada that put a very hot spotlight on the CDC’s work on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The Internet websites and blogs seemed to explode overnight with vitriolic attacks against the CDC and conspiracy theories abounding.

Has the CDC lost its credibility with the public? Has the reputation of the CDC been badly damaged? Why are some of our best and brightest researchers leaving in large numbers? Is it fear for their reputations and careers with the association of CDC on their resumes or something else altogether?

Is there a problem internal to the CDC or just the perception of inadequacy of the CDC by the media and public?


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Dr. Weil, only you can blah blah blah

I am reminded, heartbreakingly, of what a dear friend of mine said as he struggles through AIDS (before the retrovirals - he lasted a couple of years...my dear Max...)

Anyway, at some point Louise Hay had come on the scene and was doing her thing (you don't want to know...lots of dying men sitting at her feet holding teddy bears -- I saw it with my own eyes.)

Upon hearing of this, my Max said " Oh great! It is not bad enough I am dying of of an incurable infection, now it has to be my fault!! And now I am supposed to be able to cure myself! Are people nuts?"

Guess they are still nuts.