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Yes, both my husband and I are such massive fans of Hillary Johnson that if she said to jump off a cliff, I swear I would do it!!!

Osler's Web probably saved my marriage. My husband read the book when I was first terribly sick and could not read. HE read the book and was astounded, blown away and had a far better idea of what was so terribly wrong with his young, sick wife. That book made my husband understand what was going on with CFIDS and what the CDC did to us all. Because of that book my husband understood why I was sleeping non-stop. It was depression or any other psychiatric illness, but CFIDS. Mind you I am lucky and have a good husband. But, Osler's Web did for me what I could not do for myself: explain all that was going on with me. The book also explained all the horrible things about CFIDS. After reading Osler's Web my husband went on to buy and read several books on viruses so that he had some idea of what was going on.
One day I will be healthy enough to thank Hillary Johnson personally for all that she has done for us. I don't know if the newly sick understand just what Osler's Web did for us. It is a fantastic history book on CFIDS and the CDC's horrible role. She got to the heart of the Incline Village situation, Dr. Peterson/Dr. Cheney's roles, and so on.

We all owe Hillary Johnson a HUGE thank you. Why am I going on about how wonderful Ms. Johnson is and what a brilliant, "stand the test of time" book she has written? Probably because we don't say it enough.

User her website as a means to educate others: www.oslersweb.com. The book is stunning and should be bought, borrowed, stolen - however you can get your hands on it.