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High Thyroid Antibodies, Gone!?


Senior Member
York, England
Hi, I had high antibodies to my thyroid when tested about 2.5 yrs ago but normal thyroid function and have been undergoing thyroid functioning tests every 6 months. I was retested last week and the thyroid antibodies are now described as negative.

I have been taking valacyclovir for about 19 months at 4g a day. About 4 months ago I started taking colchicine 1 x .05g per day. In the last couple of months I have started taking a number of supplements including flaxseed oil, 1 table spoon a day, co enzyme q10, 500mg a day, 1 teaspoon acetyl l carnitine 3 x a day, 1 glutathione 500mg 2 x a day, 1 d ribose teaspoon 3 x a day.

The supplements appear to have given me a little more energy, but the most noticeable thing is my mood has greatly improved, I feel like my old happy self at times.

I also noticed a few months ago that some warts on my skin had started to erupt, however they now appear to be in retreat too. I have panhypogammaglobulinemia and only recently discovered that warts are linked to a poor immune system.

I know there are links to colchicine and thyroid antibodies and EBV to them too, but can anyone share their experience why I seem to be generally improving my health and specifically when the autoantibodies to my thyroid have disappeared? Thanks.