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HHV-6 and PARVOVIRUS B19 reactivation?

Hi guys,

A bit update on my buddy here:

So since January 2015, started getting sore throat and a bit fever, with culture results in strep, so the doctors prescribed ABX. Got better during ABX, but always came back some weeks off it, thus the doctors prescribed different ABX. Happens like 7 times already until this July.

So early this month, took Glutamine daily for digestion issue and throat started feeling better and recovered, and she took off the ABX out after 8 days.

10 days while still in Glutamine, suddenly getting another sore throat. Ok so this must be the strep coming back again. A bit worse, so she went to the doctor and took another throat culture.

The results was confusing as the strep was negative, it's all virus antibodies. The doctor didn't prescribed anything, even said those viruses absolutely not the cause for her FM/CFS diagnosis.

I've attached the culture results with the name stripped off here. Hopefully someone had any insight on this?

Is the immune really misfires? I mean the strep is gone so immune should be working somehow right? Is it currently fighting reactivated HHV and PARVOVIRUSes?


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The last page of the culture results. PR won't let me attach more than 8 pictures o_O


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