Help with stool test results (Kleb/Pseudomonas)

Hi guys, I suffer from SSRI induced CFS and PSSD.

I got my stool test results back, I have high levels of Klebsiella and Pseudomonas, low E.Coli, low Bifido.

Does anyone know what I can do against this?

Cipro? Grape fruit seed extract with Oregano Oil?

I think this could be at the root of my problems.
Thanks alot. I think my main problem is pseudomonas, which is 500x above range according to stool test. I read colloidal silver/grapefruit extract works for that.

Did anyone here treat such infection already? There is also penicillins and cipro which I dont want to take.
Just wanted to come in here and say my cfs was triggered by ssri as well. I’m rare in that I don’t have pssd (I’m female), but have anhedonia apathy and fatigue is the worst part.
some are getting better by treating sibo as I’m sure you’ve seen.
it’s interesting that so many develop pssd but only a subset get cfs. I’m finding cfs victims of ssri usage are usually due to lexapro. What ssri did you take?