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help ordering tests from my first hematologist appointment


Senior Member
Hi all,

I desperately need advice. For the past 5 years (that i know of) i've had contradictory iron panel labs, very low ferritin and a bottom of range TIBC. My hair is thinning a lot, bald temples and at the front but also diffuse, which is probably related to something else, but I want to make sure it's not because of this. when i google my iron panel results it says "anemia of chronic disease"...

a little background to complicate matters: I have ehlers danlos syndrome, peripheral neuropathy since 2010, likely from chronic injuries to my brachial plexus, and recently I was dx'd with giardia..which was brushed off as ibs-d for 1.5 years (that i know of)... as far as my thyroid, the last i tested my tsh was slightly elevated, mid range ft4, and my ft3 was at the bottom. i would blame my hair thinning on my thyroid but my baseline temperatures are surprisingly stable, never low. i'm very low on progesterone. i also have mild insulin resistance, despite being painfully thin. i eat very low carb.

i'm going to a hematologist for the first time ever, but i'm worried he'll just brush off the tibc and say it doesn't mean anything. i believe it does. i'm wondering if you all have advice on what tests i should order to figure out the low TIBC? is there a "general" blood test of some sort to test for viruses. i'm well-read in a lot of chronic conditions but i know nothing regarding the immune system or viruses.

when i google the causes of low tibc i get the following

kidneys UNLIKELY
liver damage UNLIKELY
iron or lead poisoning NO
blood transfusions NO
hemolytic anemia
sickle cell anemia
pernicious anemia
Certain types of anemia due to accumulated iron
sideroblastic anemia
mthfr mutation maybe???

any advice is appreciated, especially tests for viruses. huuuge thank you in advance


Senior Member
another thing i've noticed
people have said low tibc is associated with hypothyroidism
when they say that, are they assuming low tibc = HIGH ferritin...aka an autoimmune disease such as hashis?
because i've tested for thyroid antibodies and they were negative

or is low tibc and low ferritin associated with non-hashis hypot? idk