Help on Dermographism



After struggling for a cure for this particular and very peculiar skin allergy I consulted the best of the doctors for a remedy but the only answer I would get is, we need to test your blood, urine, blah, blah, blah.

Then I consulted another skin specialist who said "Lab test will cost you a lot of money let me prescribe you some medicine and lets see how good your situation will be, cause we cannot cure this allergy in a day or two but if these medicines work then you will need to continue taking these pill for more than a couple of years"

Which I did follow the advice for my benefit, But the pills were of heavy dose and I would get a massive head ache for at least 6 hours from morning to noon these were the know side effects forget about the unknown ones but I still continued but no respite from the pills either, this was affecting my work too then one fine day I started browsing the internet for answers and I was shocked to see the fact especially help section on dermographism in this web site that there are a lot of people suffering from this chronic itch from 20 long years, for example and still looking forward to take pill. I dont know when it will end for me thats what I was thinking back of my mind until I saw a particular message that says

"causes for dermographism" There was a list of food items and medicines that can cause all this starting from antibiotic medicine for ear infection and pain killer like aspirin etc and foods like sugar, wheat, bread, alcohol, pickle, honey, fruits etc.. This shows that either your allergy is caused due to sugary food or sweets, sweets fruits, honey, chocolates; avoid them. Bread, alcohol, anything that is fermented cause it has yeast which is a good bacteria for humans but the antibodies in your body are either not resistant to them or they are dead. All milk products these also has lot of good bacteria that is good if consumed but your body is rejecting them and thus all the itch and allergy so try to avoid all these foods for a couple of days and eat anything apart from them like cooked rice but not fermented ones and avoid eating sugar right from morning in your coffee, tea, milk etc, then your breakfast could ideally be corn flakes and lunch could contain barley, corn, leafy vegetables etc.

This is what I did finally, I tried eating the one which I should not, like wheat, bread, milk, one by one on a daily basic until I came till sugar yes this was the culprit for me. on a sunny afternoon after traveling for about 1 1/2 hour ride to remote place I was offered coke and I could not resist and within minutes I got the disgusting itch back on my body and I concluded the study as sugar is the main reason for the problem. Today I eat every thing except my medicines and sugar. yes you need to give up all these at least for some time else you will end up looking like a pink baboon which I was and you might be after itching all over your body.

Take this advise as second had experience if you are also allergic to sugar than dont consume any, for minimum 6 months and try again and the same for any other foods also and try not to take any medicine prescribed for dermographism by doing this you will be improving your natural immune system and back to normal. I know it is very easy to advise someone and difficult to follow but this procedure will not only help you to be independent away from allopathic medicine which sometime "Too much is too bad" and can lead to unknown side effects which any will cause another two or three side effects sounds like a chain reaction; but this is the hard fact of todays modern world and there's much to be done to educate people. If you look back to history and see how our ancestors were able to cope up with all these kind of diseases the answer is natural medicine which is 100% accurate and 100% no side effects but in fact they act as a good immune builder not as a destroyer which is what we have excepted in our modern day life which a busy and end up paying our hard earned money into the doctors pocket...

So I wish you all the best and I am open for feedback.