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Help me Interpret this please

So hey long Story short:

I have CFS and Heart Problems since a inflammation in 2021 with:
- CRP 115mg/l
- Calcium 2,63mmol (ref <2,6)
- leukos 14 (ref <10)
- Lymphocytes 16% (ref 20-50)

I have done a Lot of Tests and the ones turned Back positive are Here:
- Still Calcium sporadically elevated (Vitamin D1,25 normal)
- LTT on CMV 27 SI (ref <3 SI for all)
- LTT on Candida 14 SI
- LTT on Chl. Trachomatis 15 SI
- LTT on Gardia Lamblia 4 SI
- LTT in lyme negative!
- igG lyme borderline only
- serum Amyloid A: 12.5mg/l + (ref <6)
- NK-T-Cells (Not NK-cells): 2/mcgL --(ref 30-270)
- HDL is reduced a Bit to 55 (ref at my Lab 55<)

I am very unsure what this amyloid A and the severly reduced NK-T-cells indicate?

I have tried numerous antibiotics and they done NOTHING for me. (Doxy, Azithromycin, minocycline, Ceftriaxon, Tinidazol) i am so done with abx!

I currently try to reduce Amyloid A with Bromelain and Green Tea but i am very unsure If ITS doing anything because i feel horrible.


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I think you need see an internist infectiologist and get rid of these infections. I see your lymphocytes are low and leukos little high. Your immunesystem is weak and figting. Very strange that the antibiotics didn't help. Especially against trachomatis and lamblia. You need to get rid of them. Take care!


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Northern California
Thanks for answering :)

Yeah we did consider it. Il-2-receptor is normal and ACE is Low normal so the chances are i dont have it.

But they got neopterine Just to be Sure, value will come next week
The publisher summary at the start of this article discusses NK and NKT cells https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/B9780123704542000193

My immune deficiency is diagnosed by a Natural Killer Cell Function test, where my results are below and outside of range. I don't know if this can be diagnosed by NKT cells, though they are part of the immune system. Here is a similar form of the test done by Mayo that will test for immune deficiency, and it seems to be an NK/NKT test, but it doesn't explain what exactly is being tested https://www.mayocliniclabs.com/test-catalog/overview/60616#Overview

In my humble, non-medical opinion, I recommend discussing the NKT results with your doc and seeing if further testing is warranted for immune deficiency.