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Help for very ill bedbound aunt


mum to ME daughter
My aunt is 69 years old. She developed ME shortly after a trip to India, although she has had numerous illnesses suggesting a poorly functioning immune system for years, together with thyroid issues when in her 20s ( partial thyroidectomy), and symptoms of a hypoactive thyroid response now. She feels it may have been the travel vaccinations that tipped immune response over the line and ME followed. She has osteoporosis too.

She has been bedbound for nearly 2 years and had the ATP profiles test around Easter and this provided a score of 0.11 reflecting how ill she was - she has deteriorated since then.

Testing for toxins highlighted significant lead presence ( she carries haemochromotosis gene and this may affect lead too - there seems to be a correlation as you age). She cannot detox with DMSA as her body cannot cope with it, even on a reduced dose.( 8 tablets/week)

She tried the Optimum clinic, and I think she found the meditation/ stress and diet helped for a while. She has been in touch with Dr Myhill following the ATP Profiles and test - the supplement regime is based on feedback.
Her GP is hopeless ( even with the MEA book)

She follows the supplement regime below, but this is not providing any improvement - she is currently getting worse. She has excrutiating permanent headaches and symptoms of POTS. She cannot tolerate B vits - particularly B12 ( went temporarily blind for 20 mins on 2 occasions after taking)
Multi Mineral Mix 3gm
Acetyl-L-Carnitine x2ml
Vitamin C500 X1
Multi Vitamins &Minerals X1
Marine Ethyl-EPA 70 x2
Niacin 500 mg X1
Poyzyme Forte X1
Ubiquinol 100 mg x2
Pregnenolone 25 mg X 1
Hemp oil x1Tbl spoon
Melatonin 3mg x2
Magnesium .5ml injections twice daily

I feel that there are significant methylation issues ( but I don't know enough about it), and potenitally SNPs that may affect things. I have persuaded her to do a 23 and me test and we await the results.

My aunt's main carer is her elder sister (71)- they both played a huge part in my life after my parents divorced and it is horrible to see things playing out without the knowledge to help.

Can anyone suggest any ways forward - we are really at the stage that we will try anything.


Forum Support Assistant
excrutiating permanent headaches

A couple of members here on PR have mentioned the following:

Fish oil, from Valentijn on PR:
Chronic headache for 5 years was resolved with regular use of fish oil.

Basil EO, from Hip on PR:
One treatment that worked for my own tension headaches is basil essential oil, 10 drops mixed into 15 ml of a carrier oil (eg: baby oil), and then rubbed onto a large area of skin (eg: the legs), where it is absorbed. Then it takes around 12 hours or so to cure the headache. That's what I found. Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is known to help with headaches.

Melatonin 3mg x2

Too much melatonin can cause problems. Dr. Teitelbaum recommends 0.5mg per night according to this article.

I use 1mg long acting because it works much better for me than non long-acting. See my signature for more details about what helps with my sleep.


Senior Member
Southern California
Unfortunately travel is a non starter. Stuck in bed. No NHS support. Trying to find something that helps

Hmm what about just oxygen supplementation? It may or may not have an effect, but Dr Deckoff-Jones has found it helpful for some of her severe patients including herself

Other than that I would say IVIG but that would likely be difficult to acquire in the UK

There is also Dr William Weir in London who sometimes prescribes antiretrovirals


Senior Member
I'm so sorry.

Is it definitely ME/CFS ? If I got ill after a trip to India I'd have to wonder whether I may have picked up an exotic bug. Has she had a workup by a top-notch infectious disease doc ?

Best of luck !


mum to ME daughter
As far as i am aware this has been discounted- i don' t know exactly what bloodwork has been done, but will doublecheck this
. Our problem is getting her anywhere ( or even getting doctor to come to home). I suspect the "top notch" infectious disease docs are in London as this is where UK Ebola patients had specialist treatment.