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Headaches and Oral Infections


Senior Member
Ashland, Oregon
Hi All,

I visited my cranial sacral therapist today who is also an Osteopath. He related an article he read a number of years ago that impressed him. I thought I would share it here as the jist of this article may be relevant for some of us who suffer from chronic headaches.

A certain doctor (not sure whether a dentist or regular doctor) used an unusual method to track down the cause of headaches in some of his patients. If the cause of the headaches was not readily apparent, he would anesthetize individual teeth until he came upon one that stopped the head pain.

If this happened, he would do "exploratory oral surgery" to see if there was a hidden, asymptomatic infection going on with that tooth that may be causing the headaches. Turns out that if anesthetizing a tooth stopped a headache, they almost always discovered a hidden oral infection around that very tooth.

There's been a number threads and posts on this board about some of the consequences of oral infections (including those remaining after a root canal procedure). One poster (Ian) shared his story about uncovering and adequately treating some oral infections almost completely restored his health.

I think the above story is just another reminder for all of us that hidden focal infections of all kinds (not just oral) can have devastating consequences for our health, and would be well worth tracking down and treating if at all possible. Unfortunately, most conventional health care practitioners do not actively look for these types of health conditions.

Regards, Wayne