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Have VIPdx stopped testing outside XMRV land?

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Hi. I noticed all their tests are pulled from the website. :(

From memory, I think the 2 test codes for assays Dr Cheney recommended were:

NKCP (Natural Killer Cell Profile)
LYEA ( ? Forgotten what this was ?)
& There was a good Cytokine panel available which apparently didn't need spinning/freezing to -80c, which Red Labs requires in Belgium over here in Europe. That being said, I am very confused why RedLabs has multiple Cytokine tests that the American VIPdx does not have (www.redlabs.be has 3 Cytokine Assays: Proinflammatory Cytokines Panel, Cytokine RNA Th1/Th2, Cytokine RNA Inflammatory).

Lastly I notice that before the test sheet vanished, many months ago VIPdx removed testing for HTLV 1 & II (Human T-Cell Leukemia Virus) Any idea why?

I ask as it's all very well getting XMRV+ tests back (and surviving the mental breakdown) but if you live in a neo communist state like the UK, one has to 'prove' immune dysfunction/supression before even being allowed a letter from one's GP to an NHS immunologist requesting an appointment - that then takes 4-12 months to get anyway. I've asked and I get side tracked on a home visit by my doctor about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and they won't discuss XMRV. Presumably they sidetrack HIV patients with talks on Scientology.

My doctor is intellectually challenged (or has a memo ordering them not to speak on XMRV) and thus needs a nice sheet full of immune dysfunction - courtesy of the American pioneers who actually care about people's health - unlike the NHS - to let me 'see' a doctor about XMRV/Immunology.

VIPdx has scuppered my plans somewhat in being able to do this now the tests have gone AWOL.
Does anyone know please if these assays (NKC, LYEA, Cytokines) are returning or do we have to wait for the merge into VIPdx becoming WPI?
Thank you.


Patient in training
Dys, one thing you could do is e-mail VIP. They are good people. I kept a copy of their test menu, and refer to it at times. I was also mailed the test menu when I got my test kit. I wonder if they do that too- all the tubes they send, if filled out, can be used for the other tests, as long as done properly.

My take is they are reorganizing and were busy with preparation of the serology test. It's hard to be pioneers.

Good luck with the quack docs (ducks) in UK, Canada is just about the same. Heck they are studying the Lightning Process on ME patients here too. :tear:

Snow Leopard

South Australia
Very little is known about the immunology of XMRV, so I'm not quite sure why you think seeing an immunologist would be helpful just yet. Unless you have allergies you wish to test.

As for VIP, just contact them, they still have the capability to do their old tests. Btw, when were the HTLV 1 & II tests removed? I have a saved copy of the January requisition form and it was still offered then.


Senior Member
The VipDx website, I think, is still being revamped. When I use the Sitemap, there are very few links that work, and no testing information at all. Perhaps it is just a matter of the webmasters re-doing the site do to their new association with WPI?