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Has this man no shame? More pouting from Michael Sharpe on Twitter


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United States, New Hampshire
To CFS and ME patients and activists. I am grateful to those who engage in genuine dialogue. Unfortunately not all do and some waste time playing games of 'gotcha'. I am sorry but life is just too short and those playing games will be blocked. A lost opportunity.

The lost opportunity is his. In time, his view of CFS and others that share the same view, will most definitely be proven wrong.

He has chosen to be on the wrong side of history. For that he will be a pariah to millions for life. I wonder what his explanation for his ignorance will be when research proves CFS as a biological disorder and it will!



Just as we got David T, I am praying for a lawyer that will take on this case. If not for fraud for misrepresentation !!!!
In a way, two lawyers have. A few weeks ago, Simon Wessely engaged Michael Godwin (influential attorney, author, and former classmate of SW) over Twitter and after reviewing the PACE Trial, he has publicly supported people with ME. Steven Lubet, a professor of law and ethics, has written in the past about the PACE Trial and just did another piece on virologyblog. It was interesting that a MP during the Parliamentary debate mentioned the possible exposure some may have for endorsing a program that is harmful to ME patients. I do not know what data remains unreleased from the PACE Trial, but it would be interesting if it does in fact include evidence of harm.


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sharpe is now blocking people on twitter, more then usual I mean. looks like he's weeding his timeline to clean it up of all people that may have ME.

But we've dutchies too...

lady called Judith Rosmalen, invited us to constructive dialogue.... reading a paper of her ( and her buddy knoop) she is totally into unhelpful illness beliefs and all the other hogwash. I get so fed up with these people. Painting the patients as uncivilized activists with whom you cannot have a normal working relation.

as former child psychologist I've never had problems with the BPS model. To me it just means to take all the factors in account and balance them. Never act from the thought everything can be explained from the psychological point of view.

I find that patients with ME are harmed the most by medics and proponents of the BPS model. Much more then by whatever other faulty cognitions we ( as everybody) may harbour.

Here on PR i've found so much strength, and help, and empathy, so many good people I read here. Totally different from the pic that those psychobabblers paint of us.

so we have the B of a fucking illness
the P of getting out neurotransmitters out of whack making us depressed and anxious

and the S from being ignored by society at large and abused by medics

latter making us angry, depressed and anxious, these people are adding so much to the burden with their silly theories.

I'm real sick of it at the moment, had to get it off my chest