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Has anyone tried Pentoxifylline?


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I did, but I shouldn't have. My pain doc was prescribing it for spinal inflammation. However, I'd forgotten that it's also a platelet inhibitor and I have a chronic occult bleed from my small bowel. I ended up needing (another) blood transfusion, after I'd been doing well with my blood count for awhile. So, don't take it if you have bleeding issues or are on any other platelet inhibitor or anticoagulant!


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Yes, several years ago. Pentoxifylline improves red blood cell deformability, reduces blood viscosity and decreases the potential for platelet aggregation and blood clot formation. This makes it potentially an interesting treatment in ME/CFS given the fresh findings of diminished RBC deformability.

I didn't notice any positive impacts on my symptoms except for slightly increased nosebleeds and maybe a slight reduction in some inflammatory symptoms.