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Has anyone tried genomicgenetics.com in Spain and any other recommendation for testing companies

I am looking for a genetic testing company and someone who speaks Spanish recommended this company for their in depth testing of CFS. The problem is that I don't speak Spanish, although they sound excellent.

I would prefer an English language company.

I also want something recommended that also has someone to translate your results.

The company website is
Their website is only in Spanish.

Their testing is specially for fibromyalgia or CFS or idopathic enviromental disease.
Their FMS and CFS test package includes:
MTHFR and all methylation pathway testing,
Proinflammatory tendency and testing of 5 genes involved in that,
Pharmacogenetics- analysis of 4 drug metabolism pathways,
Hormone metabolism.
Heavy metals.

It sounds ideal for someone with CFS.

Has anyone tried this company or can recommend another?

I would prefer an English speaking company that can send results to Israel. This excludes a lot of companies. (no 23andme) I also want a company that will have someone explain the results.