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Has anyone seen improvement on Clostridium Butyricum ?


I have started c butrycum about a month ago at 2 tablets a day then increased to 3/day but having problems.

Had anyone managed to read the other thread of 63 pages!!! - Is Clostridum Butrium a game changer one.
Because I cannot read that much, I am too severe to do that, have read first and last pages only so wondered if anyone on here had been able to read it all, OR, they are experienced with taking C.Butricum med to long term OR they have had improvement or its made them worse.

I was doing semi ok on 2 tablets, really I am taking them as my immune system is crap these days and have alot of infections can't seem to kick off, taking valaciclovir wihch helps keep the herpes ones at bay for sure.

But everytime I increase to say 3 tablets I am running into problems, terrible sleep, bit out of it, and more viral symptoms (which may be signsof an incresed immnue function so may be a good thing), or it could just be I am more run down through worse sleep caused my the tablets and therefore it ain't working and I should stop, not sure.
What is possibly happening re sleep. is the butyrate is increasing in the brain, and effecting sleep, I have read (see this link: https://selfhacked.com/blog/c-butyricum/)
and therefore it is increasing the BDNF and this can cause insomnia in me as when I have tried other things in the past such as Lion's Mane mushroom which also increases BDNF, it caused insomnia as it gradually built up overtime in the brain and I had to stop).

Has anyone else had these sort of problems, been made worse then better or just worse, OR hopefully just better! Any immune system improvements?

Hope someone can help, thanks
Thanks for the info in the link, lots of interesting info there to sift through over time.

Did you get to read the other thread on Clostridium Butryicum? the one that is 60+ pages!.

Wondered if anyone had read it all and knows whether it works or harms pros and cons etc.I cannot read very much so can't find out.

On plus side to it if I keep taking it my RLS goe away! then comes back again if I stop, nothing else I''ve tried has ever done that. Think is causing mild diarhea though although can't be sure it is the C.Butryicum.