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Has anyone here got Small Fiber Neuropathy? - Question


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Melbourne , Australia
neurologist was an absolute jerk about this and tested for everything BUT small fiber, ignored the medical docs I had with me about my viral history and the potential for those viruses to call SFN - he said , no nerve damage, nothing to see here then when pressed admitted that yes, SFN exists and he just didn't want to test for it and didn't want to glance at my docs and didn't take CFS seriously.

but yeah.. glandular fever at start of my teens left me reacting to temperature change on my skin as if its randomly dispersing tiny hooks lifting up under points of my skin ... im descriptive about that because I've had countless people medical and extended family go "oh so like pins and needles" ... no, nothing like that at all actually :)

I much prefer to hard slap the area (on the few times it can help) to generate a more predictable pain to distract from the skin sensation that occurs going from cold to a heated environment or from being cold and inactive to suddenly lifting something or exerting e.g. bringing a piece of firewood inside from freezing cold into already toasty house.

sometimes even something like being embarassed can generate the ripping little hook sensation in my cheek/jaw area