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Has anyone been to Mayo Clinic?

Centime Tara

Senior Member
I was surprised how easy it was. I called them, then a representative called me back for a pretty detailed interview. They scheduled me for about 3 weeks later. At first it’s confusing how it works, but they really have the system down. We were amazed at how efficient it all was once we got started. They schedule you with back to back appointments and tests, so you’re very busy while there. I have to go back because they want tests they couldn’t fit into the time I’d planned to be there. They do first available appointments, and sometimes they’re pretty spread out, but if you’re willing to wait they’ll group them for you. So it may be a month or so before I go back, but I’ll only have to go once. They keep adding tests and appointments depending on what they find out when you’re there, the results are immediate (same day) and all info is available on their portal. The whole experience was A+, and I really wasn’t hoping for much, having heard all the bad press. I’ve been sick for a year, and not a single doctor I saw (8!) had a clue. The doctor I got there nailed it immediately. The first appointment was 2 hours. I’ve never been treated with such care. People say some doctors there are better than others, but I saw three and they were all exceptional (internist, cardiologist, pulmonologist). Still to come: neurologist, psychiatrist, immunologist. I feel very confident in their expertise.