"HARD CELL" by Mindy Kitei

Just a heads up that my new article, HARD CELL: CFS patients do hard time in mental wards and foster care, is up on CFS Central, http://www.cfscentral.com. I interviewed Ean Proctors parents, and Ean gave me written permission to post some of Dr. Simon Wesselys letters and reports about his case. The article also discusses the cases of Sophia Mirza and Ryan Baldwin.

Mindy Kitei
CFS Central


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Mindy, thanks for writing your articles. Since you have some connection with PBS, have you ever thought about getting Frontline to do a story on ME/CFS? Their hour in-depth reporting on one topic is something I've always respected. Frontline has less of an audience than 60 Minutes but is influential.

I know healthy people may not be interested in ME/CFS per se but selling it to Frontline as a "parable" of what it means to have a mysterious invisible illness in today's times (i.e. we haven't changed that much in judging people with unknown illnesses) and how women are still not taken seriously for their symptoms might gain some traction. (Of course, I want men to be on any show as well as we well know men and boys have this too and putting it only in the Office for Women's Health Research is doing no one any favors. It would be different if it were in say the NAIAD AND the Women's Health Office.) I know Frontline takes suggestions for stories on its website.