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Happy Chanukah


Senior Member
Bay Area, California
To everyone who celebrates Chanukah I hope you all have a very happy one!

And a Peaceful New Year!​



To all of our members (and their children) who celebrate Chanukah, I wish you a very happy holiday.

Though I am not Jewish, I live in a town that has a very large and vibrant Jewish community that I feel very much a part of. For the past four years, a Russian Orthodox family lived in the first floor apartment of our two family house. I looked forward to hearing their songs/prayers and lighting of a candle each night in the bay window. They've since moved and I miss the voices and the light.

A town in my county had a Chanukah accident this week. A Giant Chanukah menorah topples in Monroe, hits traffic signal. Fortunately, no one was injured.


Down With the Sickness
Happy Chanukah to all who are celebrating this Festival of Light.