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Hair Analysis question

I have the Doctor's Data hair elements test in hand. Ordered it from Yasko's testing site. Not sure what kind of hair to send. I see that you can choose the hair on your head or the other hair, from down below (trying to be tactful here). The hair on my head is color-treated but I can wait a bit and let it grow out and just send the undyed stuff close to my head or just send the other hair. The reason I want to get the sample in sooner rather than later is I want Dr. Amy to have the results when she looks at my DNA results (I sent the bloodspot back 4 weeks ago). So, my question is this. . . is the head hair better able to give a clearer picture of the bad stuff in my body and it's worth it to wait or is ALL hair able to give a good analysis?


But I Look So Good.
Left Coast
When I had it done years ago with a doctor, they took hair from the back of my head close to the scalp. Not sure about other areas.