Gut Treatments

Hello, I am new to this site. Would like to know what Cheney is using as his gut modification program and also what De Meirleir uses for his gut treatment.



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Hi Pointer, Here's a link to De Meirleir's treatment approach.
It's a bit dated though. He uses various antibiotics as well as other probiotics depending on what is found in testing for each patient.

You may have to search the forum for some info re Cheney's treatments. From memory I think his general advice is a low fructose, low soluble fibre diet and wormwood, though I'm sure there's more to it! Hopefully someone else will chime in here.
Hello Tony,

Thanks for the information. It is frustrating at times, some use L-glutamine others don't, some use Betaine HCL others don't, some use zinc others don't, you get the picture..... Hopefully, others will reply concerning Cheney or Maes or others approaches.



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I just want to mention for those who use wormwood to remember that it is very effective, but it is also toxic. If you use it for gut stuff, be aware of this: find out the symptoms and check in with whatever health practitioner you are working with. A Lymie friend of mine had problems with this, and it's also the neurotoxin in absinthe. In small amounts it doesn't seem to do any permanent damage, but people's sensitivities vary, so be cautious and thoughtful about how you use it, and remember that batches may vary in strength unless they have been standardized.


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I would not recommend humaworm i ended up in the hospital with convulsions....
Possibly because of the wormwood or the chili pepper (nightshade intolerant) plus I had increased neurological problems after taking it ( crawling sensations etc)


Please excuse me for barging in on your thread, pointer, I hope this is the right place to ask.

Is there anyone who is quite MCS who has had success reducing systemic candida to a near normal level? I am looking for something in addition to probiotics and a candida diet. I have spent so much time reading all the info I just want to hear from someone if there is something simple, eg Kolorex, Candex etc that isn't very toxic at all, that works well. Herbs are problematic for me also.

If there is an appropriate post somewhere please direct me.