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GST with Lyme – another SNP? Klinghardt info.


Senior Member
GST – Glutation S Transferase- Enzyme...

It may play a role – in HPU with CFS condition. May be linked to co infections: Lyme, and others.
Do you know more? Klinghardt refers to 3 (out of 4) SNPs involved.

Klinghardt says: „The genes coding for the glutathione S-transferase and for the different alleles of apolipoprotein E (E2, E3 and E4) play a major role. E2 can carry twice as much sulfhydryl-affinitive toxins (such as mercury and lead) out of the cell as the E3 subtype, E4 carries out none.“ (2011)
This – is Lyme, HPU and CFS questions. I had not heard much about this before...