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Great New Blog


Phoenix Rising Founder
Great new blog in town. It was just a small site - a very nice - but still completely uninteractive web site. Now its a blog - you can interact with it - tell it what you think.

Jody has a knack for communication. Every time I read something of hers I get enrolled in what she's doing.

So check it out. The blog is still getting connected to the website. You can find the blog at http://ncubator.ca/blogger and the website with some really interesting articles at http://ncubator.ca/


Senior Member

Wow, Cort, I had no idea you posted this, what, three hours ago?

I appreciate the encouragement though.:eek:

Everybody needs to be very kind because I am just learning how to do this stuff, and some of the site is ... kinda weird, yet.

If you just read the blog entries at http://ncubator.ca/blogger, you should be pretty safe. For your own piece of mind, maybe don't venture into any of the other stuff on there, because it's changing moment to moment.

And the archive thing is driving me nuts .....

But by all means, enjoy the posts. :)