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Great German radio feature on ME


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An amazing German radio feature on ME/CFS was broadcasted on Juli 5. :) We don't get many media reports on ME/CFS and most talk about tiredness (as the official ICD term is in German Chronic Tiredness Syndrome), so that's very special.

Station: Bayerischer Rundfunk, Show: IQ – Wissenschaft und Forschung (IQ – science and research), Title: Jahrelang krank (sick for years)

Ron Davis (@Janet Dafoe (Rose49)), José Montoya, Marc Guthridge and Leonard Jason were interviewed (and synchronized). If you understand German or have friends/family in Germany – it's the best German radio feature (or even media report in general?) we've had in German so far and it's great for sharing.

The science journalist Yvonne Maier also interviewed Sonja from MillionsMissing Deutschland and Sebastian from the German Association for ME/CFS.

Link: https://www.br.de/themen/wissen/me-...syndrom-chronisch-mecfs-grippe-krank-108.html
(Click in the first picture to listen to the radio feature.)

It mentions Unrest, #MillionsMissing, the newest biomedical research, that more research funding is needed, that GET is harmful, talks about the horrible German guideline tiredness and about children with ME, stigma and disbelief, suicides... Highly recommended.

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