Granddaughter has surgery and I crash hard


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North Carolina
I know stress can cause a crash but this one I am having now is the worse ever in 10 years. My four year old granddaughter had open heart surgery on Tuesday. It was the longest four hours of my life and I was terrified for her.
Surgery went beautifully and the doctor said she did great during the whole procedure. We saw her for a few minutes afterwards but came right home. I collapsed in relief on my bed.

I was pretty wiped out but managed to make dinner ...slept like a log all night. Yesterday I woke pretty tired but not exhausted or crashed. We went to the hospital and I stayed with her for maybe 3 hours. Afterwards we came right home and into bed I went. I again slept like a log.

This morning I got up to complete depletion of energy...I felt as though the blood had been drained from me and I was a walking empty person. It was almost exhausting to take a breath. On top of that I fell down the stairs and have a huge bruise on my back.

I was unable to even visit her today because the depletion was incredibly bad. I wasn’t sleepy or tired...just complete cellular exhaustion. I rested throughout the day but it did t help much. Anyone else crash with just cellular exhaustion?

The crazy thing is my granddaughter was up and walking yesterday after having heart surgery and me...well I am crashed in bed...