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GP Recommendations for NHS doctor near Oxford

Hi Everyone,

I have an doctor in the London to manage my care, prescribe medications, etc. However, I am looking for an NHS doctor to manage basic things and to also potentially coordinate my care with my CFS doctor since I will be living outside of the city.

Does anyone know of a kind, knowledgable doctor on the NHS in Oxford? I'm not looking for them to manage my CFS as I know this does not exist through the NHS. I'm looking for someone who won't be condescending or mean and who has a decent level of knowledge about regular medical issues.


Senior Member
it will depend on where you live in Oxford - GPs have an area that they cover they dont take patients from outside their area. You need to find out what surgeries cover your area. Might be worth asking Russell to post the question on the MEA facebook page or contact the Oxford ME Group

charles shepherd

Senior Member
There are contact details for all the local ME/CFS support groups throughout the UK in the MEA website support group directory:


I would talk to someone at OMEGA about how to find a good NHS GP in Oxford

Or you could post a request for info on the MEA Facebook page - we have plenty of members in Oxford and Oxfordshire