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Got My Disability Hearing Results

Port Aransas, Tx, USA
FULLY FAVORABLE!!!! I NEARLY FELL ON THE FLOOR!!! I now have an appointment with SS office for SSI (they have that in Texas as a supplement to SSD but only for a little bit is my understanding).

Thank you so much for listening to my whine and moan and whimper about worrying and anxiety!!!

Now I'm waiting on the award letter and such. Not sure what the next steps are but I'm almost sleeping with the letter that says FULLY FAVORABLE to make sure it doesn't disappear....lol



Patient in training
Congrats Kimberly and thanks for sharing. I have just been cut off this month, and appealing my private disability. i wonder how long it will be?


Senior Member
Montreal, Canada
I was cut off too after my employer switched to a new insurer. I don't mean to be a party pooper but these crooks can go into breach of contract at any time.


Senior Member
SSI is also a federal program. It has nothing to do with Texas. If you have low enough income and assets, you can get that in conjunction with SSDI. You'll be eligible for food stamps and a lot of other programs for the poor/elderly/disabled.

You will probably start getting payments before you get the letter from the judge explaining why he approved you. If you gave them your bank acct info, check there in about a month, you'll be surprised.

As for STD or LTD from your employer, the minute you start having problems with them ie, harassing phone calls, denial, cutting off benefits, you need to hire a lawyer ASAP to file an appeal for you.

The reason is that when (not if) your claim is denied, you will have run out of internal appeals and you'll have to sue them in federal court. After that point, you won't be able to add any more evidence to your file, so you need a lawyer in there early in the process getting your file ready for later.

You need an ERISA disability lawyer for this, as it falls under the federal law, ERISA, which also governs retirement.

As far as SSDI/SSI, you don't need to worry about getting cut off, unless you go back to work and start making more than the minimum amount allowed.