Good site for up-to-date research papers


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I haven't been on this board long - this may be very familiar. The site has a regular section with recent research publications.
Jenny, I'd recommend this site too.

Most of it is written by Ellen Goudsmit Ph.D, who did her PhD on ME.

She does quarterly updates with the abstracts of most or nearly all of the papers from the period included. But the particularly interesting bits are when she quotes bits from the full papers and/or puts her own comments on the papers.

However, just reading the updates are only part of the benefit of the site. She really knows the literature inside out and particularly the flaws in the studies and views of those of the "CBT School of Thought with regard to CFS" i.e. those who think all we need to do is graded activity/exercise programmes and/or CBT to encourage us to do graded activity/exercise programmes. She is a patient - I think patients in this illness are often better at spotting the B*llsh*t written about us.