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Gone non verbal for a while


Senior Member
Hi all
I had an incredibly frightened last flare up and my brain felt so inflammed and hot. Couldnt use screen or speak on phone.
Things are feeling somewhat better but I've decided to carry on non verbal for a while using notes for home helps. It feels scarey and good, v spiritual silence is golden.
I'm using screens 5 mins on 5 mins off and can do a few times and then I leave it.. Def using screens less... Not sure a bad thing re toxicity.
Happy to hear others experiences
I’m glad that your trial to go non-verbal has been beneficial for you, Emmarose. It’s positive that you’re also appreciating the spiritual aspect of silence.

Our voice and our ability to speak are such a fundamental part of who we are, that I can understand that not talking can be scary.

I can spend large parts of the day without seeing anyone. I am therefore able to rest my voice.

A positive advantage for me is that my voice goes exceptionally croaky when I’m fatigued. It’s so obvious that I’m struggling that I know immediately to shut up, and people understand that I’m no longer able to talk.

Sometimes my voice is croaky as soon as I get up. At other times, it can go at seemingly random parts of the day.

I have to actively pace myself to make telephone calls, and to have conversations. I sometimes resort to WhatsApp rather than speak.


Senior Member
I don't go completely non-verbal but my speech goes out the window and various immune, digestive, and neurological issues like facial burning will ramp up if I get too stressed and it's been one of those weeks. I can speak but my vocal quality and ability to form words well gets much worse. It always correlates with a feeling of that stress building up behind my forehead area, I guess it has something to do with the frontal lobe getting too much stress and going "low power mode" for a while. Comes with this general feeling of facial and mental paralysis. Don't use my phone too often, I get a call or two a day and sometmes need to send texts or use the internet on it if I'm at work but with minimal use like that it doesn't do much to me. Though I did recently find out that if I don't keep my body consistently warm enough and stable temperature wise this reaction will happen much quicker and lead to symptom cascades much easier from it too. So until the environment gets a lot more stable I am pretty much living in my hoody again.