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GMA show is mind blowing


I know its been posted elsewhere but here it is:


I say it's mindblowing because this Dr. Donnica Moore--(I don't watch tv much)--hit every bullseye perfectly. Her understanding of the science, the certainties and uncertainties, the questions to be asked and answered, and the fact that it's a game changer--she understands everything as intimately as if she'd been studying it for years *and* she puts it in completely friendly lay terms so any viewer will get it.

Fricken amazing.


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Victoria, BC
thanks--it is terrific!

Many thanks, Jennbooks, for posting this--did not know about it, and you are right--as well as getting some great researchers on side, which we now have, we need the public too--and she really does a great job--thanks to all concerned. There is real hope! Best, Chris


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yes thanks......

yes thanks very much for posting this it is really excellent, so there we have it we are physically ill on prime time tv!


Wow thanks for that info. That explains things a bit. I was stunned at her fluency and grasp and ability to convey it so simply and emphatically. Now I see why--which doesn't lessen how impressed I am.


Yes it's the best yet.

I couldn't fault her answers.

What I would say, is we're so used to being lied about and put down, we get terribly amazed when someone speaks the truth.

In reality, all she did was tell the truth!

We are used to being treated like dirt by doctors we celebrate someone
who's honest.

Quite tragic really.

This woman should be advising the CDC rather than Reeves and Co.
I wish she was. ;)


It's all in their heads." That arguement is over. GMA transciption

For those of you who didn't see the other thread, I transcribed part of the interview

Dr. Donnica Moore on ABC's GMA, referring to the WPI's xmrv study in Science, Oct '09

What we do know, what this study shows us first and foremost, most importantly, is that there is a biological basis for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. So we don't want to hear any more about " oh they have depression" or "It's all in their heads." That arguement is over. This is yet another piece of evidence that it is biological. It's not the only piece of evidence, but it's the most alarming and attention getting, or what Dr Susan Vernon of the Chronic Fatigue and Immune Deficiency Syndrome calls "a game changer."

+ shiso gave great info

I also thought she did a great job conveying the facts. She definitely has great media communicating skills.

The CAA website says the CAA has nominated Dr. Moore to be a member of the next CFSAC committee (along with Dr. Mikovits, Dr. Peterson, and others). According to the CAA's letter to DHHS with brief bios of the nominees, Dr. Moore's son was diagnosed with CFS 4 years ago (no mention of how he's doing today) - so she has a personal connection to the disease.