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Glutamine and selenium results in muscle pain


Senior Member
Hi all,

The following supplements gives me muscle pains (sort of Fibromyalgia symptoms) and I wonder what could be the cause of this.
Is it detox? Or antagonist symptoms? I know I am low in minerals such as magnesium.

The supplements which give me muscle pains (especially in the legs).
  1. Glutamine 500mg (I take this for leaky gut), gives fatigue as well.
  2. Selenium (L- selenomethionine, yeast free) 25mcg (I take this for my thyriod and more)
  3. Turmeric (high in sulfur)
  4. Molybdenum (I take this for my MCS)
The supplements do not contain magnesium stearate or any other bad fillers.

My problems:
- Liver problems
- Heavy metals in body
- Leaky gut
- Ammonia

Does someone knows why I get this reaction?

Thanks in advance!