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Globe and Mail (Canada) Cytokine study article

Old Bones

Senior Member
This isn't the best article I've read regarding Montoya's Stanford cytokine study. It repeatedly refers to the illness as chronic fatigue syndrome, and only once to myalgic encephalomyelitis. And, it makes a further-complicating reference to SEID. Nevertheless, there are a few noteworthy quotes. And, it's far preferable to the recent disastrous Postmedia article published on-line and in several print editions.

For now, it appears the Globe and Mail article is only available on-line:


“What is at stake here is ‘proof of concept’ that this disease is real,” said lead study author Dr. Jose G. Montoya of Stanford University School of Medicine in California.

“Patients have been humiliated, ostracized, and ignored,” Montoya said by email.

"Taken together, the findings build on previous research demonstrating that chronic fatigue syndrome is a real illness, and not something patients make up or experience only for psychological reasons, experts say."


Senior Member
SE coast, Brazil
very interesting data, it helps us to explain some clinical features of the disease, it explains why Rituximab and Cyclo have shown some activity in this diseaseand also it can lead to a diagnostic test.
Moreover, it paves the way to future longitudinal studies . Ideally, these studies should include the dosage of IL16 and also should include liquor tests.