Genova "GI Effects Comprehensive Profile": IS IT WORTHWHILE?


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Hi, Comrades,

It's been over 7 years since my last stool test, which was overseen and interpreted by an excellent functional medicine doctor.

The results led to some actionable issues, and we were able to treat yeast overgrowth in the gut and attempt to replenish lactobacillus through strict diet, medication, and prescription strength probiotics.

That doctor has since retired, and I am interested in revisiting my gut health to see what it's like now.

This long preamble leads me to my actual questions! :)

Question 1:
Has anyone done the Genova Diagnostics "GI Effects Comprehensive Profile"?

See link to test description:

Question 2:
Was it worth the expense? Meaning, did it reveal information that you and/or your doctor could address?

The test my doctor ordered back in 2015 was Genova Diagnostics "Microbiology (Stool)". I was just going to reorder that test on my own, but I am now wondering if this "comprehensive" test may prove more useful.

Any experience you may have with this test (or comparable), would be helpful to me.

Thank you kindly!


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In something I was reading recently, it said that our microbiomes change quite drastically over short periods (days if not less), so I guess that such a test is like looking at the sky once: it's not much use for predicting what the weather will be like tomorrow, or determining what it was like a few days previous. Are there long-term trends in our microbiomes that are useful for diagnosing medical problems? If yes, can those problems be treated with a reasonable chance of success?