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Generic Valtrex- As Effective as name brand?

It's usually the other way round with pricing isn't it with the valtrex being the cheaper of the two. How about the valcyte? Where do you get that from and what is the cost? I've been doing a little bit of reading on Martin Lerners site and it looks like he only gives if CMV is present (which it isn't for me) if I understand it correctly. It's very possible that I don't!


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Yes, I believe its effect is broader, and stomach upsets are not an issue with them so if I have them - as I do from time to time - ill know its not the drug. I've been making great strides on valtrex so am very keen to see what effect famir would have. I'd need to take it at 500 mg three times a day (Dr Dantinis recommended dose). It'll be rather more expensive for me but well worth it if its effective... Anti virals have been a game changer for me.
Sounds promising for you, good luck, keep us all updated on how u go.


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@Lisa Simpson
I know this is an old post, but wanted to thank you all, and let you know your info is still valuable. Thanks especially Lisa Simpson, found your post super helpful. I've being doing valtrex for some weeks now (4g per day, re Lerner), and after 20+ year of illness, am super skeptical, but can't help but notice the difference already.

If you're still interested, generic valtrex prices have crashed further: I'm getting Cipla from a Canadian pharmacy for US$1.40 for a 1g tablet. I got onto this via your info, Lisa (thanks!). Good place to start is pharmacychecker.com, its a non-profit organisation that lists only online pharmacies that meet certain standards. You can do a drug search on their site (valacyclovir or valaciclovir) to directly compare prices. (PS I'm in NZ too - as you probably know, drug customs are unfortunately thorough, but its all ok with doctor's script, and they do go out of their way to speed things up if you ask them).

I put a case to my GP, and got his support. Anyone else looking for doc support, I'd be happy to share my strategy.

Oh and I take 1000 mg three times a day as recommended by my doc. I note that Martin Lerner thinks a fourth dose is essential, I.e 4 times a day. Hmmm....
Hi. I've been taking the generic form since April 2011. I sourced it online because I can't afford it otherwise. I took Genovir (from India) for 9 months to start with until that source dried up. I felt great on it for the first three weeks then got sick with headaches, fatigue, muscle and joint pain and so on but persevered because I'd been told that getting this kind of reaction early on was a predictor of a good outcome. After a week or two I picked up dramatically and continued to improve on it. Around the four or five month mark I had terrible stomach problems and was advised to go off it for a couple of weeks then restart, which I did. After that no problems and great gains again, with the odd few days of feeling unwell on it now and then, then bouncing back better than before each time. In Feb my source dried up and I had to go off it for 3 months. I was very worried about relapsing but in fact continued to heal and make gains during the abstinence period, and restarted two months ago, sourcing the Cipla Valcivir from the UK this time. Same as before, felt great for a month then got very sick for two weeks, dragging myself around and headaches, dizziness, justnwanting to lie down and sleep all the time. Just when I had decided that either I could no longer tolerate it or it was a bad batch, poor quality, i was being poisoned, or something like that and I would have to stop, I woke the next morning feelimg like a new woman and have been feeling absolutely wonderful since. It's been an godsend for me this drug. I've been sick nearly 30 years so didn't hold out much hope as the longer you've been ill the less likely it'll work but it has exceeded my wildest expectations really. I am totally pain free and have been for about six months. Pain (crippling fibromyalgic arthritic type) has been my constant companion for 25 years, only morphine could shift it. Its gone. I truly think I'm recovering for real. I wouldn't have believed it. You need to drink two liters of water a day on it and rest as much as you can.
@Lisa Simpson

Hello Lisa,

Thank you very much for your informative posts. They help a lot! I would like too ask you how you are now? I started taking generic Valaciclovir from Cipla, too, (Valcivir), and I hope to improve in the next few months. My condition has been bugging me since June 2016, when I contracted a disease from which I have never really recovered (probably EBV).

How are you now? I sincerely hope you are doing fine and that you feel good and well!

Best wishes to you and everybody in this post!

Johnny Minnesota