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gcmaf homeopathic


Senior Member
Thanks Sushi, For your comments.

I'm doing well on the MAF314 and no signs of increased ME symptoms when I am taking it. Been a stop and start process for me though as the person who shares it with me goes away a lot.The longest continuous period seems to be about 10 -12 weeks.

At the same time I am taking Valtrex and Immunovir.

My feeling is that I tend to plateau on the MAF314. As the plateau is better than my pre-MAF functioning that's good.

When I don't take the MAF314 I get sick and deteriorate. Was OK for a good while after the first attempt. More recently I have become very poorly with viruses doing the rounds in my community quite quickly and very severely.


Northern Vermont
So very true! And we are all so different; taking Vit D3 (while on GcMAF or not) would be devastating to me as it would result in hypercalcemia. I wonder what Noakes et al would say to someone in my shoes?

David Noakes was speaking specifically about GcMAF from GcMAF.eu, in regards to Vitamin D3. He seemed to indicate it was different than other makers of GcMAF. Again, I have a bad memory and I would not want anyone to take this as gospel. I continue on Vitamin D3 because I am using GcMAF from GcMAF.eu and I am deficient in Vitamin D3.!


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You can read my thread for my experiences. My nagalase dropped from 1.80 to 1.20 between October of last year and April of this year while taking it (I'm also taking a bunch of other stuff too though). I'm due for a retest, which will happen in the next two weeks. I'll post my results then.