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GcMAF for XMRV--Gc protein-derived macrophage activating factor--anyone taking it?


If it aint broke don't fix it...but.
Richmond Virginia
Thanks, Are they using the cream? I have been curious about it but the cost is quite inhibiting. I was communicating with Xrunner on this thread who has used GCMAF and thiocyanate with much success.

GcMAF Australia

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Thanks, Are they using the cream? I have been curious about it but the cost is quite inhibiting. I was communicating with Xrunner on this thread who has used GCMAF and thiocyanate with much success.
Yes alot are using the cream



LYME DISEASE - please note with this condition, there is the potential for a healing crisis as the immune system interacts with the multiple co-infections. Start with massage points away from the head (groin, lower leg, back of the hand etc), start with very small amounts, and work up. Remember to detox. Google the phrase 'what is a healing crisis' for more information on this. Do not underestimate the potency of this cream, or the ability of your body to destroy pathogens. The original cream, a small amount on the lower leg twice per week is all that is needed for some people.
  • I have been using this magic Cream for a week and have been having extended periods (3-4 hours) throughout the last two days of feeling almost "normal" (meaning my head is not swimming and I feel somewhat energized). In addition to the cream, I have changed brands of 10000 IU of Vit D3 K2, have added Molybdenum and papaya digestive enzymes. I am applying the cream on the back of my hand three times per day.
  • It's amazing, this product is giving me that 'alive' feeling finally something that's helping my body heal itself & breathing life back into me! I’ve been using it 3 wks or so. I had an immediate reaction within 2 hours upon first use & it doesn't lessen. It marries beautifully with10,000iu Vit D3 over the course of the day & K2 which is essential. So grateful!
  • I have Lyme & I'm really sensitive. The cream has been amazing! I just put a dab on my leg and I'm getting amazing results
  • within days of using the cream I had almost complete relief of symptoms of Lyme disease, as long as I didn't do too much. I was on CD/MMS1 protocol for a year before that, so I guess it would take longer to see results if you haven't been on a protocol like that
  • Day 5 of the cream (about 1/2 pea size per day) and am feeling much better mood and energy is up a bit. I'm very encouraged so far! (I'n healing from Lyme and co-infections and EBV)
  • I Gifted my other pot to a friend for her birthday so a new personal order coming up soon although my pot is still 3/4 full! I'm so grateful as I'm improving tremendously since starting on the cream
  • I've been using the cream on my neck and underarms. My strength is better. I don't need to hang onto my hubby when walking, a sharp pain that I used to get before I got sick has come back and zings me every now and then and my knee swelling has also come back which is fine as long as everything balances out I'll deal with it. Last night I decided to add it to the bottom of my feet and around 3am I was raising my arm half way (I'm unable to raise my arms due to muscle weakness) so I woke up my husband with the exciting news!! I was also able to turn on the air vent above the stove this morning. The amount of cream I'm using I'll be purchasing 2 a month!Further update - I figured to try it on the feet cause the feet absorb everything. And that night 3am I woke up tried brushing my hair away from my face and realized I could raise my arm half way! I could not get it up without help from the other arm. Also that morning I was able to turn on the above oven vent. Last night was the second time under my feet (I also apply to my neck) and both nights I woke up sweating which is great cause I never sweat I sleep on a bio-mat and that didn't even make me sweat the way this cream did. Can't wait to try the one with frankincense next. I will keep you updated. I haven't felt a herx since starting this cream dec 24th.
    Further update: Omg I'm crying. 7 years and all I needed was this cream! Thank you to this group thank you for your cream thank you
  • I'm still on low dose smudge on acu point36 but it's potent enough so I'm improving and without major Herx..able to incrementally feel better & better & do more & more activity as time goes by. I gifted a pot to a friend who has recently made some dramatically positive changes in her life since starting, I just know it's the cream!!! It's like a little pot of absorbable hope!
  • Just tried it today for the first time. Definitely felt a WOW difference.
  • Between CBD oil and this cream (10 days) I am suddenly feeling so much more clarity and energy. (I have Lyme, co-infections, and other issues). I am hopeful
  • Wow In 4 weeks I have used the creme. At start my nøytrophile went from 1.0 to 3.2 This Is amazing!! And my SR Is going up, I believe because my immune system is starting to "see" the invaders. (SR = sed rate)
  • ' I finished week 3 with the MAFactive cream and I feel amazing. I love the energy that I feel. Today was another day without morning stiffness. At lunch time I took a break at work and went for a 20 minutes walk and it felt great...no pain no swollen feet. I was concern that the walk could affect me in the afternoon but still a lot of energy. Then came home and worked for couple of hours on my landscape. This is just great. Feeling thankful '
  • ' So far I know of 2 ppl that are doing great with just the cream. No more headaches, muscle pain, better sleep, years of TMJ gone, more energy etc ' (from a new customer who has just purchased)
  • ' I felt very grounded last night after my first application. Can't wait for my daughter to try it. Thanks again for sharing your story and time with me. You are a blessing to many!!! ' (comment on a feedback about Lyme disease)
  • Good morning! Yes, I am up and readying to start my day. I slept in a little:) I am up with disbelief cause I have not been able to works so physically in years and pay for it. I MEAN I WOULD BE IN BED FOR DAYS OR WEEKS. but I WOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO DO FOR SO LONG AND SO FAST WITH ANYONE. I Know this is sounding to good to be true but my body is doing the best I have ever seen it in all areas of my body. I was sore when I went to bed and I said I don't know if I will be able to help you cause I know how my body. Wow wow!!! Well I am up and ready to help plant those 70 more trees.
  • 'Good Morning:) Today, will be my 5th dose using the regular cream. I am happy to say I feel great and even well:) which I don't say those things and happy to have this come out of my mouth. I have energy, brain is clear, just want to do, spiritual and mood is great too:) It is going to be a wonderful day! Hugs to you all and thankful for this group!' and the next day from the same person ' I know another post:) But I cant help but to share what I am feeling seeing and doing:) I had a great sleep last night and I think it helped to recharge my batteries. I have been up and moving by 8:00a.m and this is not normal for me. maybe 12 to 3pm and then I might even cancel. Anyway, I drove to chiropractor, Chatted with 4 to 5 ppl about the cream and have ppl coming over to try it, Then the bank, nursery for blueberry plants and then food shopping. Home and unpacked things and answer pm, texts, and phone called to help others who have questions.
    My friend called me and said I have never heard you sound so good and doing what you are doing. LOVE , LOVE, Love this cream :) '
  • "As I sit hear and read my own post. I've started to cry cause I cant believe what I am able to do:). I remember the simplest days of trying to get a shower. when I had to have my husband in the shower with me. He would hold me on a shower chair. The jerking/Tics so bad and I was so exhausted and weak. It is just amazing to be where I am at in such a short time!...... Honestly, I am struggling to wrap my mind/head around all of this that is happening to me. Trust me I am NOT complaining! But this is a dream come true and prayers too!:)"
  • Wanting to share:) 10days ago I started the regular cream. I have been able to drive 5 times out of those ten days. This is huge for me because it has been 2.5 years or longer since I have been able to do this:) if iam lucky once a week I could drive or 2 times a month. Speaking is strong and clear, clearity, mood is good, and feeling body coming alive\awaking the body. Feel tired at times but listening to body. Think I am just doing more then I have been able too:) more get up and go:) Follow up comments are - I have seizure from lyme, so lyme, 7 coinfection, told fibro but lyme cause, ADD, autism spectrum, cfs, low thyroid(no dr can get it right for years) paresites, leaky gut, speaking issues at time, sound like chinese deaf person and neither, trapped in body for hours to 4 days, sever migraines for 22 years and so on
  • I have Lyme (and all the other things) and I've almost always had hormone/thyroid problems. I can't regulate them on my own without bio-identical hormone cremes and thyroid meds (anx haven't ever been able to). I need the supplemental help, but my CD treatment is going much better than expected. Then, I tried the creme for the first time today and wow!! I haven't felt this normal in a long time ..
  • Hi, ive been using the cream for Lyme disease and co since January 2016. It made me herx the first few days i used it. I have built up to the stronger Frankincense cream and have recently added in serrapeptase to break down the biofilms and allow my immune to attack all the viral infections that have been causing me the most horrendous headaches. Im pleased to say its working very well and i will continue taking it to prevent my immune from becoming suppressed again. So happy to find something that is easy to take, doesnt interfere with my day and is reliable and effective.
  • I have Lyme but diagnosed by the medical world with M.S I started the cream today and if anyone has any doubts if it works.t...don't. Before I applied the cream, I did a detox with my rife machine for my liver and kidneys. So you can get an indication of how toxic I was on waking, I was pulsing on about 25. After I applied the cream, about half hour, I had to detox again, pulsing on about 40!! as the day has progressed and as I'm typing this, my kidneys are hurting and I'm detoxing liver and kidneys on 70!!! Wow, that's really toxic, proving that I've go a lot of die off and the cream is doing it's job grin emoticon grin emoticon I forgot to mention that I test myself with my tensor to see what I need to pulse on, so it's not a guessing game!! I just dabbed the tip of my finger in jar then applied it to the ST36 accupressure spot. I guess it spread out to a 20 cent piece size on my leg, actually more like a touch bigger than a 10 cent piece!!
  • So my immune levels look good, herpes 1,2 and 6 have gone down, EBV went down. Energy is better. (she has been using the cream for 5 months for Lyme disease and coinfections)
  • Just heard from a lady who has Lyme disease and has been using the cream for one week and slept through the night for the first time in years.
  • I used the cream today with my HOT HOUSE dome and had no HERX! I've got so much energy, I can't believe it. LOVE THIS FEELING!! Thank you for your help
  • I just started trying the cream a pea size everyday under my arm pit for the last week. I didn't notice much but today I used my vitamin D - UVB Ultraviolet Home Phototherapy Equipment and felt amazing all day! I felt healthy for the first time in 8 years. I am new to the cream and phototherapy. It didn't dawn on me the light could help with the cream
  • I walked up my front steps on my own!! Do you know how huge this is for me??! It's been over a year and I'm finally able to do it myself! Still using just one leg, but on my own (been using the cream for just over 4 months)
  • As I sit hear and read my own post. I've started to cry cause I cant believe what I am able to do:). I remember the simplest days of trying to get a shower. when I had to have my husband in the shower with me. He would hold me on a shower chair. The jerking/Tics so bad and I was so exhausted and weak. It is just amazing to be where I am at in such a short time!...... Honestly, I am struggling to wrap my mind/head around all of this that is happening to me. Trust me I am NOT complaining! But this is a dream come true and prayers too!:)
  • I'm starting to feel better on the cream. Oh thank god thank god thank god. I desperately needed this. Hoping for more to come. Two weeks in. Tears. Been ill with POTS, dysautonomia, dizziness, feeling of flu and illness when I try to sit or stand, fatigue, stamina. Still very sick but I am SOOOO excited it's working. Thank god. This has been horrible. It did initially increase migraines for me and pain in the back of my neck but I know the beginning is a bumpy ride.
  • Ok got some bloods back. I had blood drawn prior to starting Mafactive included showed my inflammation at 17 - my white cells at 3.2 and a few other little changes. My LLMD has told me my white cells are now 4.1 - these tests were done 3 weeks apart my inflammation is now 1 - he reminded me to go slow he knows of people experiencing huge die off effects using it but he is interested in following my potential improvements - he changed my protocol now to focus largely on detox and diet as opposed to going on a " killing spree" with abx - we will be starting me on 1 abx very cautiously as I am a crazy herxer and slowly increasing if needs be - oh and I have been using the regular cream since April 27th (so one month) , not every day as I can't tolerate it daily yet. So inflammation from 17 to 1 - brilliant :) And white blood cell count up from 3.2 to 4.1 - amazing :)
  • Another interesting thing...my husband Eddie noticed that for the past few years (since he's had Lyme) his body temp has been low. 95-96.5. He started the cream a week ago & the past few days his temp has been 98. Clearly something good is happening.
  • Fair warning: This is going to be a bit long :) I wanted to share my experience with the MAFActive so far... I have advanced (chronic?) Lyme disease- symptoms include:
    muscle stiffness, muscle spasm, burning pain in arms and legs (when I go from a sitting to standing position, pain is a 7-8 on a 0-10 scale), fatigue, brain fog, neuro symptoms and swelling of feet, legs and hands. Fun :/
    Ordered my first jar of MAFActive, received it 2 weeks ago. I started out too quick the first few days as symptoms got a little worse. Backed off to half a pea size amnt every other day.
    The past few nights I have been uncomfortable and hot with a fever, just at night though (weird). Sunday night I threw up and Monday a.m. it kinda went the other way (sorry-TMI). I had a bit of a meltdown last night, had a good cry and finally slept. This morning? I woke up feeling some HOPE! I just felt... different. I was thinking more clearly, I got ready for work and didn't feel like the walking dead. I got to work today (my husband and I work together) and I was on fire! My energy was the way it was before I got sick, I was motivated and then I noticed it-- NO BURNING PAIN! I got up from my desk to answer the phone and I didn't have to catch my breath. The stiffness is still there but hey, I'll take it! I am taking supplements which I'm convinced the MAFActive just helps them to work better :D I'm going to go another round in a couple days of the half pea-size amnt and then I'll see about increasing it. I am praising God for working through Candice Bradstreet and Lesley Hutchings and all the others that distribute and create this miracle substance in a jar! I'm praying for continued improvement and am questioning if I should even bother keeping my appt with the infectious disease doctor? Hallelujah is all I can say! I keep y'all posted
  • My daughter came home from school today saying that she is able to read words that she's never been able to read before. She said its like my brain has switched on. And no pain in her body at all. Only three doses so far on the bottom of her feet! I still can't believe this is real.
  • Reflecting: Last year at this time I was in such a bad state; I was looking for answers, and met with a doctor from NewYork by skyping. This doctor sent me to a Brain center in OR. I was having trouble speaking, and was having spells where I would become trapped in my body. I would ride in a car and it would set my jerking off and not be able to move or talk. My husband would have to get the wheelchair and wheel me into the house and put me into bed. Then run thieves in the defuser hoping it would pull me out. I would be trapped in my body for 2.5 hours and it could be 3 times a day with episodes/spells/seizures. The flight to Oregon with the sounds of the chimes in the plane would set me off to have jerking, would be like a knife stabbing my brain and effecting my speaking:( The doctor there pushed me so hard that it just made it a mess in every way. I had three spells a day while i was there. I was so bad that i had three ppl working on me to pull me out and trying to bring me through, It was a very scary time for my family and I. I use to cry out asking the LORD to help me or take me.NOW i just broke down and rejoice and praising the LORD for where i am at today!! I just run 20mins and walked 15mins.:) I also worked out by running up and down stairs a 100 times. WOW this is amazing! Please keep fighting and keep the faith.:) Follow up comment - The game change is from the cream. i am thriving for the first time in my life and it is not in one part it is in every part of my life'
  • I'm up out of bed before lunch time in the first time in over six weeks! Only day 4... no significant herxing. A little extra pain in legs but nothing too bad. I have been on IV ABX for 14 months prior to starting this cream so I think my bacterial load is low. Hence the little herxing.My husband, who also has Lyme and severe plantar facititis pain in his feet and also severe leg pain has woken up this morning commenting that he is in significant less pain than normal.
    Is this the cream? Can it be this amazing? I don't understand, how can it work so fast? Or is it just a coincidence???
    Follow up comment - This is the first full moon that hasn't smashed me for so so so long. Buy some Lara, you won't be dissapointed. Xxx
  • Ahhhhh let me just say once again how much I love this stuff! Yowsah! I don't feel quite like the walking dead (or not walking in my case.) I have more energy to function. Today I vacuumed my couch. Yesterday I did some dishes. This is huge for me as I have been bedbound for a long time. (Lyme disease)
  • I am so excited that I am wanting to SHOUT to the world. I sent some cream you gave me to a friend who has ALS because is late stage LYME. She slept for the first time in 2 years for 8 hours. There are caregivers that are there and they have seen a huge difference. I am praying for the best results possible. We shall see how far it goes.
  • This my 9 week mark on the original cream. Thought everyone would want to know the latest news! i found out there is NO lyme showed up at todays appointment:) i am so excited that we cant believe it! i am making major progress. I found my muscle testing is right on for my body. The behind the knee is my location, one day on and one day off and only half a peas size..
    The basic supplements i am on are what i need:) . Not dealing with mutations and seeing amazing results:)
    my body is showing improvements from last 6 weeks and next appt in 8 weeks out:)
    Keep the faith, keep fighting and never give up!
  • Ok - finally something to post !!! For the first time in about 18 months I went to Westfield and was there for 3 hours !!!!!!! I couldn't lift my head about 4 weeks ago !!!! It may be short lived I may fall in heap tomorrow but today I did it with NO Burning heat - red face - heart palpitations- NO DIZZY omg no dizzy is huge for me !!! What a kick ass day !!!
  • I took my own trash out today. For being bedbound for years, that's not too shabby if I do say so myself!!
    Last week I went to two events as well. Not planning on making that a habit quite yet but it was a huuuuge deal.
  • Have been really struggling with my gut and pain. The last 3 days I have been putting the cream about where the zyphoid process is. The paoin has been 75% better. Not sure yet but........
  • I have been on the cream for a month started slow and worked up , I have had Lyme for thirteen years now and have had the insomnia that goes with it, in the last week or so , I have slept the entire night!! that is a miracle to me!
  • Awesome! I have done more in the last two months than I have in 10yrs. My family all noticed a change in me too. My brothers were so happy, they cried. The MAF cream is helping me too!
  • I am having success with my new ND, and the cream has given me an amazing boost after only three doses.
  • Oh my gosh! I am feeling like a million bucks! I keep getting better and better. My lymphatic therapist was amazed at my vitality and flow. I could hear myself talking to her and noticed I am talking really fast. I haven't had this kind of energy in a long time. I feel so great!!! Thank you to everyone here who shared their testimonials and for all of your great info that led me to trying this!
  • A hopeful update, I've been sick with Lyma and co. for 17 years. I couldn't work or do much of anything. Two weeks on Bravo yogurt and Mafactive cream and I've just done Pilates for the first time in 8 years and I shopped and am going to cook dinner for my husband! Thank you all of you guys for so generously sharing help and hope. I hope I can do the same!
  • "I didn't believe in the cream to start with and lathered myself in the stuff. Big mistake... Biggest herx ever. It's amazing really. And I did need that herx to prove to me that it was going to do what it says it's going to do. And this just proves that transdermal application of medicine can be just as effective as taking a pill.
    Just letting you know that if you have had Lyme and co for a long time, the cream is going to take a lot longer than a month for you to see benefits. As it works by kick starting your immune system which has been suppressed for a very long time, it will take a long time for those macrophages to get through a high pathogen load. And the macrophages have to seek out and destroy the spirochetes that come in and out of tissues and bone and organs which the immune cells can't get to. There are many life cycles that the immune cells will need to be active for to make a dent in the bug load.
    Then you have to deal with biofilm and cyst forms of borrelia. It's not a quick fix. It should be something that is seen as a long term solution and a lifelong maintenance therapy."
    She also says in a comment, refering to her husbands use of the cream - "All his psoriasis has vanished"
  • 'I read that (how good it was for Lyme disease) but I was being pessimistic about it. It's so hard to believe something could be this good!!'
  • Right from the start I was so very delighted at the difference it has made with my energy, feeling of wellbeing, & mental clarity, Etc etc this cream has been the Icing on my cake of life/wellness. Over the past few years I have always overspent my energy! Since being on this cream our house has not been so clean, even helped with many farm chores, including washing my car inside & out, all would have been totally off limits for so very long, sleeping fantastic, socialising after working on the land all day, I am still on my L plates with correct amounts to use! I am constantly reading updates and comments from others and a massive thank you to Lesley, even when she is answering others I am learning all the time!
  • I haven't re-checked my viral load (which was quite high) but I can say that from when I started the cream three months ago I've seen a huge improvement in my symptoms. Really dramatic. I have considered LDN but it's never made it through ART (autonomic response testing). Compared to other treatments the cream is incredibly affordable, one $60 tub (got it on sale) has lasted 90 days! So it depends on many variables but having tried dozens of different treatments for Lyme I'd say this one's at the top of the list for me.
  • I was in bad shape and i was done fighting and trying different protocols. I was ok to die cause i was dieing. My husband and i laughed about the cream saying ya a cream is going to give me a life. And you know a week later i knew this was the missing link for me. Thank you LORD!
  • My husband is seeing small improvements but definitely knows that it's going in the right direction. The biggest thing is that his body temperature is regulating which is great. He is still having a lot of problems with legs cramping, feet tingling & ears ringing but we expect this is part of the herxing
  • Using the 4x with franc was one of the best things I ever did...... When going to the GcMAF I improved better than I had ever been on ABX. For me GcMAF is much better then ABX, but in saying that, the ABX killed off all the co-infections which is a vital part of the process.
  • Don't knock it till you try it . I too was skeptical . My wife has chronic Lyme and can't walk or talk ...she was 72 lbs ! After just a few weeks she is already up to 85 lbs and is showing some small signs of recovery . Nothing else has helped till the cream ........it's still early days but I'm convinced that this is the breakthrough we have prayed for .
  • I have Lyme and have done amazingly well on frankinsence version. My white blood count went from a 2 to a 9.I didn't notice anything until I switched to frankinsence version of the cream.
  • I decided to rub a larger amount on every part of me that was sore and risk a herx just to see. Outcome was that my pain left quite quickly and I am having longer intervals between length of time that pain is coming back and it isn't as severe.
  • I have Lyme and am absolutely benefitting from the cream. I have managed to come off my IV ABX and not crash in a complete mess for the first time in two years. My immune system seems to be holding the fort... yay!
  • I was spending 20-22 hours a day lying down exhausted. spent a fortune...after 6 months on creme I have about half day of feeling completely normal! I even worked 3 hours staight cleaning a house for $. first time i worked in 10 years.....after just longingly watching life go by out my window from my recliner for so many years!!! I GLADLY scrubbed a toilet! it was FUN! I felt alive
  • That is me too. Out of wheelchair.... I am walking a short way and much much stronger since the cream. I am also taking Low Dose Naltrexone 30mg which has helped with pain
  • While I simultaneously make use of many, many other therapies for Lyme and co's (namely supplements to nutrify and manage immune resilience, and herbals to hold offenders at bay, and detoxifiers to help keep my system clean) I'd say that the GcMaf had a positively significant impact on my energy, outlook, brain function, and needed weight gain. And yes, comparatively speaking, the huge gains, for the small amount of money spent are INCREDIBLE!!!!
  • Update: I went away for 3 days, something I haven't done in yrs and packing my supplements & MAFActive cream was more important then anything else. I walked a dinosaur park, went out to eat, and shopped a few stores. I was out from 11am and got back to the hotel by 8pm. I planned to not walk the whole park I told my husband I could only do an hour tops. By 8pm It surely felt like I had a person sitting on my shoulders. The MAFActive cream was my savior. I can't live without it!
My story – Lyme and GcMAF
This is a bit of a story that is written for me to write it down on paper and to give other people with Lyme an understanding of what can be.
I read early on after my Lyme diagnosis that no doctor could heal Lyme (Yes these are general statements and not referring to any specific doctors). People who see doctors do not have a good outcomes when it comes to Lyme. People who see naturopaths do well, but not for a long period of time. Those who do real well, are those who see both doctors and naturopaths at the same time. Those who throw everything at it. That’s how I live with Lyme. No holding back.
I was bitten by a tick in September 1999 and had chronic fatigue symptoms within days. By 2001 they were operating on my knees due to the pain and my early 2004 my life revolved around infections throughout my body and a wheelchair for the pain. This is the short version. If you are interested in the longer version, read this:-
In 2013, things started to change. I had a lump (Granuloma Annulare) growing on my neck and this had me referred to an Immunologist at a major Melbourne hospital. By early 2014 I had a positive blood test for Lyme Disease, but as usual, I was told the test was wrong (by an Infectious Disease Specialist) and kicked out of the hospital. Literally told to not come back. I now have positive Western Blot tests and an Infectious Diseases specialist from the same hospital signing off that I have at least a Lyme-like disease. Now back onto the story…

We found a good doctor in Melbourne who has a good understanding of Lyme and the testing and treatment began. With his knowledge of this disease and with a couple of naturopaths in the background I did well. My CD57 results went from around 10 to a high of 114 over an 18 month period. I felt good. I started to get my life back, but having been sick for so long, I did not really know what “good” feels like. But life was positive.
In December 2015 my Lyme doctor was shut down, by a bureaucracy that is anti-Lyme. I was in an OK situation, but after a couple of months I could tell what was to come. I was starting to go downhill. A CD57 test confirmed what I was feeling and a test came back with the figure of 70 and we had started using the wheelchair for some outings. I was referred back to the hospital (as mentioned above) and although they said I was sick, no medication was provided to help with the Lyme.
It was about this time that I saw a Facebook post about GcMAF and after doing some reading I decided to give it a go. I did not believe what I read, but I have seen enough and read enough to not trust the mainstream medical industry or anything to do with the American government. Worth a try. I was not going to give up.
The small bottle arrived. I was in a better place than most with Lyme, so I had gone with the full strength with Frankincense cream (Although I would not recommend this for most people with Lyme). Time to give it a go.
Day 1 to 3 – stomach pain. Different to anything I have felt before. Bad, but liveable.
Day 4 to 7 – knee pain. SH#t this was bad. Tempted to slow down, but not willing to give in.
Day 8 to 14 – Headaches. I don’t get headaches. Even on the heaviest of antibiotics I never get headaches from herxing, but now I did. Wow, this is going through my body.
I was doing a lot to detox through all this. Lots of stuff from the naturopath and at least 4lt of water a day. Pushing through.
Day 15 and things are starting to settle down. A hint of a headache but nothing to slow myself down.
Day 18. I have been up since 6 am and going flat out doing jobs till 2pm. I am amazed. Worried I am over doing it I go to the lounge for my normal 2 hour afternoon nap, but I can’t sleep. I AM AWAKE. Get up and keep doing jobs. By 8.30pm I am stuffed, but this is the biggest day I have had in a very long time.
Day 21. Time to give blood and get some CD57 results to see if what I am feeling is happening on the inside.
Day 28. Results back. CD57 is 105. Feeling good and now the blood test to prove it. Not as high as I need it to get, but remember I have only been using the cream for 3 weeks when this sample was taken.

So where am I now? I have no Lyme symptoms. I do have a lot of residual damage and I think I will be living with those for a long time. Some of them for life. My knees are bad and I will always have issues, but most of the time I am pain free. Too much damage over the years for this to just go away. Food allergies. I will be going to see if the naturopath can help with these, and I still need 9 hours sleep a night. But I have a life. I am not cured. I am not in remission, but I am on my way.
I do have some psychological damage as well. Yes I am a bit messed up. Not all from Lyme, but a lot of it from the side effects of Lyme on my life and on my family. Many of these scars will not go away, but now I have a chance to work on them. Try and let the demons go.
GcMAF may not be the answer for you, but it can be a good part of the process. Don’t believe anything I say, but look at all things with an open heart and see what speaks to you, as in the end, you must justify to yourself as to why you are in the position you are in.
I am hoping this gives a little bit of inspiration to those who still have a long way to go on their journey. God was with me on my journey. May he be with you also.
Lymph Nodes
  • Between my breast and armpit hurt when I massage it but when I applied the cream on the bottom of my feet the pain is now gone. I've had that pain for 5 years. Why would it hurt there? Is that your lymph nodes?
  • I am using the cream and after two days have already had good results on neck lymph nodes. They were so painful and now seem to have calmed considerably xxx
  • I had pain every day in my lymph node and breast area. Also chronic fatigue. The pain was growing. Now after three months of use...the pain has become much less. Some days I feel like it is barely there. My energy level has increased so much... I am now feeling like a normal person. At first...I had the headaches and exhaustion when first starting the cream. Now...I take it with me if I go on a trip. I cannot imagine not using it.
ME, CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME (CFS) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS)
  • I have been using it, have ME/CFS. I would also recommend you the cream, it is effective and especially effective enough for us who with ME/lyme who are very sensitive.
  • I would also like to say the COINTEC score is amazing. Kate has suffered a marked relapse after Christmas (as usual) but comparing her results in October and now the relapse is not as bad as we thought." The COINTEC has been designed in order to help assess efficacy of treatments in ailments such as ME, Lyme disease and CFS
  • I have so much more energy than I have had in YEARS! I have worked up to using it just about every day (there were a few patches of rough detox along the way) and I love how I am motivated to do projects around the house and to do more with my kids!!
  • I found a cream supplier and started it at the end of Nov 2015. My first jar lasted 3 times as long as it should have so I wasn't using enough, which I have corrected. I do notice a bit more energy in the evenings after my evening application. This is always my weakest time of day. I've added in a 3rd dose of the cream applied to the soles of my before bed. I also became a distributor for the cream.These are the things I've noticed so far:
    • Easier getting left foot on stair lift footplate
    • Able to hand something light to hubby with outstretched left arm.
    • Easier time standing to measure/make my diluted hydrochloric acid
    • Making up my bed almost every day again.
    • Usually bounce back from my detoxing bath quite well lately
    • Not feeling too weak to talk
    • Spending less time lying down on the couch, more time sitting up
  • On Wednesday, I did two outings in one day! First time in over a year!
  • I've lost 30 lbs!
  • I had 2 days a month with energy now everyday I'm doing stuff and not crashing. Put some on my sunburn today and its soothed it great! My daughter is still doing really well.
  • I have ME/CFS and have been using GcMAF for some years already. It is not a cure for me, but without it I am housebound and spend most of my time in bed. With GcMAF I feel a lot better, can concentrate much better and can go out for a few hours at a time.
  • before using the cream I was unable to work more than five hours & then I had to take a day off because I was totally wiped out. After less than half a jar of the cream I am working an eight hour day three consequetive days & I go to the gym afterward for a light workout or I walk a mile & I'm still not really tired - definitely not wiped out like I used to be. I forgot what it feels like to be wiped out even though I was wiped out for several years. I have CFS - chronic EBV - auto immune - multiple chemical toxicity & a few other things. If you do a little research on the cream you might be surprised. I asked my Dr who is a conventional Dr - a brilliant man - w an opened mind - if he would order a nagalase level. He said he never heard of it but he got on his computer & looked it up. When he read a few min he said "Oh I'm intrigued by this."
  • A reminder from someone with Lyme disease who is very much improved now - 'GcMaf is the soloist, who shines only because of the mastery of the entire orchestra of proficient musicians behind it. Candida/Gut Dysbiosis/Hormones/Stress/Sleep/Mold/EBV/Metal Toxicity/and on and on all have to be managed, along with the use of GcMaf in order for it to really be able to do its job.'
  • I got sick 8 yrs ago and every year have been getting worse. I've tried many therapies, traveled far for treatment, supplements, herbs nothing worked..This cream has changed my life. I cannot live without it. My progress is slow but I'm going forward instead of backwards. Autoimmune, muscle weakness, fatigue
    • I have had v profound improvements from Morgellons and Lyme and its many symptoms, specifically from tachychardia. 2 weeks into using the cream I made a v sudden improvement, cannot work out what else it could be, other than being back in UK (was in USA for a year) and not eating GM foods, but I feel pretty confident its the cream
    • I talked to my mother and so far these are the things she has noticed: If she takes it at 10:00pm at night and she wakes up in the morning refreshed and ready to go (rather than drained, tired, and achey). It has helped with overall arthritis pain and joint pain. She reports a better sleep with good REM sleep dreaming taking it at 10:00pm with Green Tea. She has noticed improvements with her eyesight. No "funny" headaches (her terminology bc she says it's different and in the front). Noticed her recovery is faster if she over does it (cleaning, working, etc.). Fingers no longer go to sleep or tingle when she goes to bed. States an overall "zest" for life back the way she use to feel when she was younger. Said she feels back "normal". She reports she has applied it every other day and tried different times during the day and the most benefits came from applying it at 10:00pm. Would it be ok to increase application to once a day rather than every other day? When we thought she was about to die or at best be bed ridden the only thing my dad could find to help her here in the states was HGH and it was so expensive it drained their savings. It did make a huge impact but he could not afford to keep the treatments up. Her ailments with MS have predominantly have been blurred vision, funny headaches fatigue, bed ridden some days after previous rigorous work day, body and joint aches (could also be associated with age as she is 56), and numbness/tingling in fingers and legs at night. So the improvements may sound small to some people but it's one of those situations when all those little things break down it steals some of your joy and independence. The better sleep and normalcy feelings are huge to her when looking at the big picture since we are talking about 10+ years and she's noticing changes in one month your product. I'll keep you updated
    • On my 4th day using the cream and I feel better, no aches and pains and I am sleeping better. Taking it one day at a time.
    ORAL HEALTH (using the toothpaste by the same manufacturer)
    • My canker sore is gone!! :)
    • "After using the toothpaste for about 3 weeks I went to the dentist yesterday for my cleaning. There was literally nothing for the hygienist to scrape off of my teeth. They are completely smooth. I was told my teeth and gums looked great."
    • My mother has been using the cream with Frankincense for her very painful osteoporosis for the last 2 weeks. She didn't want the medicines from the doctors as they have many bad side effects. Her pain now instead of 10/10 is about 2/10. She applies it on the affected area twice a day and is getting great relief.
    • My mother has had great relief from the pain of osteo. The frankincense cream was best. In fact she doesn't even have pain any more
    • Since applying it liberally to myself on a spot on my breast, I've had to do more enemas. I got out one of the longest suckers I've ever seen the other day. My headache immediately went away after he left the building too
    • 'I've been using it for the last week and have got very good results from it. Nothing I have tried so far has worked as well as this stuff. This has convinced me that PFS is an autoimmune problem. Gains I made from it so far were -better sleep, more energy, increased libido, deeper voice, weight lose, more body hair, increased wrist size, sense of well being both mental and physical, more fat in my face which I had lost, I even had a increase in testicle size. '
    • Firstly thank you for your cream - I think it's amazing! As I told you I have polyarteritis nodosa cutical - it's affected my lower right leg and although it is undercontrol with cortizone and other medication it has left a rough, always dry blue/purple reminder! So I've been putting your wonder cream on everynight and it's no longer dry, it's softer and has started to return to a more normal colour - Thank you! I saw the specialist yesterday and she was amazed at how good it's looking! Beth my daughter has a planter wart and has now been applying your cream for 2 weeks and she's convinced it's getting smaller. I think it's the kind of cream one should always have to hand!
    • I was told I have polymyositis my immune attacks the muscles. Since starting the cream on Dec 24th my strength has improved and stayed. (comment via facebook on the 27th January)
    • My husbands problem with his post nasal drip is doing much better. He just started using the cream not long ago
    • My husband is extremely taken with the cream and we will certainly write a testimonial to go with his photos, he says he can healthy skin growing back and he's never had that with steroidal cream. I know you can't see the area diminishing yet but it's def less thick with patches recovering. Thank you so much
    • My spot of psoriasis feels so much better and is improving. Less itching and drying up. Of course my diet has improved by eliminating grains and sugars as well. psoriasis is a gut issue too (like everything else.:( )
    • My psoriasis is starting to disappear efter just 8 Days.
    • 3 weeks of cream on severe psoriasis and no other changes. Vitamin D levels finally rising after 7 yrs. Interesting times.
    • "I told her to start applying the Frankincense Enhanced cream right away because she was suffering so bad. She has suffered for years from a terrible case of psoriasis. She began applying it and within days it was all cleared up! It also took away the itching immediately. Now she only has a couple of small spots on her scalp. I was amazed and couldn't believe it!"
    • "All his psoriasis has vanished"


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Which cream do you use, Sushi?
I still have a nearly full jar of the older MAFactive cream (it was also supplied by Reactivated Wellness). The one that is very much like it in strength and ingredients in the new line is this one (1500 ng per jar):


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THANK U! @Sushi- This looks like something worth trying. How long did it take for you to recognize results? How much of the cream do you apply daily? You input is much appreciated! :thumbsup:
ME/CFS patients and Lyme patients seem unusually sensitive to GcMAF. It took me a couple of months to notice anything. I use about a sesame sized blob of cream, once a week, behind the knee.