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GcMAF: Coordinating GcMAF questions for our KDM appts


Moderation Resource Albuquerque
Hi Rrrr,

I think, also, that it is good not to "re-invent the wheel"--rather to learn from each other and not repeat the same questions when the answers have already been given. Many of us have common questions and also quite a few of us have upcoming appointments.

Maybe we could (offline for privacy) make a calendar of whose appointment is when, and then learn from each other so that we don't have to use valuable appointment time to discuss what has already been recently discussed with other patients.

Of course, many things will be individual and not fall into the category of "common questions."

Then we can post here, answers to common questions that might be of interest to others who are taking GcMAF.

What say? I am in touch with many who have upcoming appointments--is there anyone else with whom I am not in touch who would like to participate this way? If so, please PM me.