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GABA makes my headache/nausea worse, while Coca Cola helps, WTF?


Psalm 46:1-3
Great Lakes
If you leave it open, all the carbonation will disappear after awhile.

Actually I've found, if you stir vigorously it will deflate even faster...like in minutes of stirring. A blender or blender stick would probably be faster still.

At least that how it works for Zevia Ginger Ale or Root Beer for me and those are some of the fizziest sodas ever. :)

Edit: My Mom was a restaurant manager and she used to bring home coke syrup for us but even as a sugar loving kid, I thought that tasted disgusting...almost just as bad as pepto dismal. (My new nickname for it.)

I am also post BIOPSY and expecting the phone call results today or tomorrow.
How did it go? I mean the actual procedure.
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I wonder if they still use kola nut to make coca cola. Kola nut has some medicinal benefits.