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G I Map Interpretation?

Does anyone here feel confident doing interpratation of G I Map? I Ordered one last year through a practioner, but didn't consult with them afterward as I was not confident in them (for reasons I won't disclose) so ultimately I was left to myself to interpret the results.

Now as far as I can tell, there is nothing obvious on there. However, I do suspect that a lot if not all of my issues stem from something in my gut/GI system, but can't figure out what.

If I were to post up all of the results, is there anyone who would be happy to look over them and see if you can spot something that I'm missing?

Edit: Here is an image of all of the results of anyone can help.

Brain fog, anhedonia, unstable mood, itchy skin that comes up in hives/urticarcia, general malaise, feeling dizzy/spaced out.

I believe taking probiotics made this a lot worse but can't be 100%, so suspected something like histamine intolerance. Have been trying all sorts for last couple of years with no avail. Had one period of total remission of all symptoms, which occured after a really random and anomalous bout of urgent diarrhea. Was night and day, from one day to the next, felt totally normal suddenly, but symptoms returned.

Have had scans done on liver, kidney, pancreas etc and bloods with Gastro, no avail. (NOt sure why there was fat in stool, honestly looks like it may have just been anomalous, I Don't appear to have fatty stools now I don't think. HAve tried enzymes, bile etc.)

To me that shows no obvious infection? I know it mentions 2 types of parasite or pathogen, but says under the normal limit and my own searching suggested these things would not cause the symptoms i'm exeriencing.. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

I'm at a total loss here, if anyone can suggest anything I might of missed that would be great.
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I assume you've looked into the salmonella?

The zonulin could be a big problem - have you looked into what's causing it to be high? Depending on the cause, you could have nutrient deficiencies/imbalances contributing to those symptoms.


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I'm at a total loss here, if anyone can suggest anything I might of missed that would be great.

I know very little about this test but it does show low levels of the healthy form of Escherichia spp. (E.Coli), which could cause problems and is common in people with ME/CFS.

It also shows high levels of Zonulin which could cause or contribute to leaky gut as noted in the last post by Learner1.

It shows low levels of secretory IgA. This is a quote from Genova Diagnostics about low Secretory IgA-

Low Levels of SIgA

SIgA key function is to bind to invading micro organisms and toxins and entrap them in the mucus
layer or within the epithelial cells, so inhibiting microbial motility, agglutinating the organisms and
neutralising their exotoxins and then assist in their harmless elimination from the body in the faecal
flow. SIgA also 'tags' food as acceptable, so low SIgA leads to increased sensitivity to foods.

Maybe somebody else with more info can jump in here.:)
Thanks for the replies so far!

Okay, so with Salmonella I didn't look into it. Because it came back under the 'normal' range (same with the Microsporidium etc), I just assumed it didn't matter. That's kinda why I posted this, I have no idea if they can be problematic even if in the 'normal' range. Any advice on the salmonella?

The Zonulin and IGA I looked into, I found it really hard to gain clarity on that. There seemed to be a lot of controversary over 'leaky gut', whether it existed, how common elevated zonulin was etc etc. But I figure also, the question with them is why are they that way? I'd assume there must be a specific trigger. I know zonulin was said to be often associated with a gluten issue, but honestly I've seen little/no benefit as far as I could tell from cutting all sources of gluten.

The low eschericha really interested me, thanks for the suggestion on Symbioflor, I had no luck myself finding a specific probiotic for that strain. I'll have to look into that further! Most probiotics just focus on Bifido/Lacto. My brief reading suggest Eschericha is also involved in production of neurotransmitters like Serotonin and Dopamine, so I did wonder if raising that could help balance mood/mental state.

Look forward to hearing any further advice/opinions/ideas! :)