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Frustrating Articles


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Actually, we should collect the names of all these 'miracle' people for an informal longitudinal study.
It would be interesting to first confirm his level of initial disability and then see how he's faring a decade from now.


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One characteristic of these miracle cure stories seems to be a lack of biological abnormalities. I have never read something such as "the power of meditation normalized my auto-antibodies". These stories leave out a lot of details about the course of the illness as well: how long did it take him to get better after he discovered the miracle treatment? How long has he been well? Has he recovered his full health and can do everything he was able to do before? You get the idea... these stories read like "he became ill, discovered the miracle treatment and now everything is fine". Why neglect the details?
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From the article --

But he added: “I was determined to get better. I learned about the power of the connection between the body and mind, and taught myself to meditate. I started to see things as an opportunity rather than a harsh reality.”

He was also introduced to hypnotherapist Jenny Gilmore, who introduced him to the ‘lightning process’, a course involving gentle movement, meditation-like techniques and mental exercises.

“She visited me every day for three days and there was a massive shift. I was whizzing around the house on my wheelchair. My mum couldn’t believe it. I’m pretty much living a normal life now. My family think it’s a miracle.”


This more than just frustrating.

Absolute Tosh! Lightning Process does not involve "gentle movement" or "meditation-like techniques".

Lightning is a very crude coaching course which consists of denying the physical symptoms of ME and telling them to "Stop". There are No "Miracles".
I had over 25 years experience of meditation (diverse practices) and Yoga (Hatha, Iyenga) .... Before I became very severely sick with ME....... If Yoga (gentle movement) or Meditation cured ME I would tell you!!!

In Britian our Newspapers are obsessed with so called 'Miracle Cures' for ME.

Some years ago there were quite a few 'Miracle ME Cures' reported in one year alone.....

There was the 'ME Miracle Cure in Malta' - By "A Miracle" ... Apparently Miracles are quite common in Malta.

Then there was the "Fell Walking in the Peak District" Cure for ME. Nothing like vigorous hill walking to cure a neuro immune disease plus PEM!

Then there was the "Pole Dancing in Glasgow" Cure For ME.

Yes Really! .... Not Sleazy Pole Dancing, mind.... Oh No.... It was a proper Pole Dancing Studio.

The Pole Dancing Studio went out of business after a few months. But before it went totally financially bust, the local newspaper reported the Studio's first "ME Cure"........What a lot of publicity that attracted to the failing Pole Dancing Studio !!

Yes Guys and Gals.... swizzling around a Pole in a groovy dancing Studio is the way to Cure your ME!!

Our Brit Media are frankly devoid of ethics morals, sense or conscience. They just want a damn story, and the standard ME story is the accursed "Miracle Cure for ME".

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Wasn't there a short book about the different ways people were "cured"?

At one time this was posted on many forums and was a very contentious subject.

Bunk, pure bunk.