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Free Online Showing Of Forgotten Plague This Weekend Only

Never Give Up

Collecting improvements, until there's a cure.
Try this link:


link to the film on vimeo. (use this link if you are unable to enlarge the video using the link above).

Password -- forourfans

Forgotten Plague
6 hrs ·
We're pleased to announce that the Free Preview for Forgotten Plague is now available online! Please share with everyone who you think might be interested, from doctors to legislators and everyone in between. We hope you enjoy it! And please be sure to chime in with what you think via social media and directly to us at forgottenplague@gmail.com!

The link will be live until Monday evening at 7pm EST (12am GMT). So please take advantage of the free preview while it's available for a limited time.

This version also has English subtitles.

Link: http://www.forgottenplague.com/shop/?product_count=8
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stalled out after a few minutes. too many viewers? hope so.
Your connection may not be fast enough to stream the movie in 720p HD resolution. Unfortunately the next lowest resolution they've provided for SD is 360p which might be unwatchable. If you have enough hard disk space you can actually download the entire video by clicking the download link under the video on the Vimeo page and watch it at once instead of streaming it.

I have trouble playing 720p content on Vimeo for some reason but have no trouble with 720p content on Youtube.


Fine, thank you
Can somebody competent tweet this to James Coyne, or send him the FB link?

@Bob (in case you have the brains and the energy!).


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An extremely powerful and effective film. Getting a glimpse of how severe the illness can be in some patients reminds me of how shocked I was when I first discovered that ME could be far worse than even I could imagine. I didn't think it was possible to get much worse and survive. Dr. Klimas was right when she called the disease "wicked."

[The end credits seems to suggest that Ian Lipkin appeared, but I did not see him unless that was the back of his head in a still photo from 1980's (I think when there were discussing AIDS).]


wiggle jiggle
shocking. even more than the disease the helplessness.

Whitney Dafoe (son of the prof) should have all financial means and with this access to the best health support. and there is none?
this is mind blowing.


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Ryan has certainly packed a lot of information and a lot of different facets of the illness into a little over an hour. Well organized.

I wasn't aware that Gordon Broderick had moved his research from Canada to work with Nancy Klimas at NSU. Canada's loss for sure as the giant main frame he's using to map biological pathways and interchanges is pretty impressive.

One observation is that all of the featured patients seemed really well cared for and well supported. I suppose that was a deliberate action on Ryans's part but it hardly seems representative of the ME community. I suppose it could have been a distraction from other parts of the film if he had included the uncared for, the struggling, the destitute, the desperate. Anyway, made me feel really warm inside to know that there are those out there with ME who are well cared for and have the luxury of focussing solely on their own health.


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Really good to be able to see this at last! My other half has eventually hooked our PC through to our TV as I simply can't watch any videos on a PC screen. This way I was able to lie down and properly take it in. It's so good to see people of calibre such as Ron Davis and James Watson working to try to unravel this for us. Science (hopefully) trumping non-science aka 'psychiatry'.