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FOXP3 SNP”s (Low TREG Cell-Mast Cell Activation).


Senior Member
Hi There,

a couple of years ago I went to a good immunologist and they find I have low Regulatory T cells. I have many auto immune issues, and my only brother has Diabetes type-1.
so auto immunity is driving our family.

I did find out I have mutated FOXP3 genes.
(And very worse methylation genes).

I have one daugther. Did get her with ivf.
But did need high dose prednisolon , intralipid infusion, blood thinners to become pregnant. Because of my low Tregs. My immune system was so active that I couldn’t get pregnant.

Now I’m very curious about you’re genes!
Are they the same mutated as from me
And my Daugther? Maybe we share the same mutations what leads to CFS/ME.

so for the people who did a 23andme test.

the most important RS numbers for FOXP3 genes
(To make Regulatory T cells - wich lead to allergies and MCAD is thise
Are low)


** (less important I guess)

Hope we can share! I’m very curious!


Senior Member
Hi there,

im not sure about the “83” didnt could find this with my results of from my daugther.
(same health problems).

but the “65” homozygous is often with Autism.
And Autism and CFS are often linked to each other (also because of MTHFR genes).

my daughter had autism and homozygous “65”.
But much gut problems and disease are linken with the “48” as I mentioned, and she had also those homozygous.

do you know yours?

Thanks for the reply.
And What are you’re most
Health problems?