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Found an easy way to save money on herbs and supplements.


Senior Member
Ventura, CA
Hey guys so I recently found a really easy way to save money on all the herbs I use for my Lyme disease situation. Instead of buying pre made capsules I started purchasing Herbs in bulk powder where I can get up to 100grams/1lb of the herb I need for around 20 bucks on average.

Previous to this I would pay 24 dollars plus 10 dollars shipping for one product I used called Japanese knotweed. It gave me about 100 500mg pills for 34 dollars total. Now with purchasing a capsule machine for 35 bucks, and buying bulk herbs I paid 22 dollars for a pound of japanese knotweed.

Then an initial one time payment of 35 bucks for my capsule machine for a total of 57 dollars. This 1lb of Japanese knotweed can fill 907 500mg capsules for only roughly 20 bucks of the bulk herb, as opposed to the well over 300 dollars I would have spent if I purchased the pre made herb capsules 9 times.

I have literally cut my costs each month by 1/4 of what I used to pay, and now I can take higher doses of herbs as needed without worrying about going broke. I have other friends who also have found ways to save money by making their own tinctures but I do not have experience with that.

I just wanted to put this information out there for anyone that does spend a lot on certain herbs, or supplements, as you can also buy supplement powder in bulk and fill capsules using the same method. I am just so happy I was able to finally be able to afford this stuff again, and use the amount of treatment I need without worrying about my wallet crying. :D

I know a lot of people have brain fog here and some of this might be hard to follow in the bullet point format basically...

  • I cut my costs of herbs and supplements by 1/4, by purchasing bulk powders instead of buying pre made capsules

  • There are many sites such as 1st chinese herbs, amazon, Mountain Rose Herbs, and other websites that let you purchase bulk powder of herbs and supplements.

  • Purchasing bulk herbs or supplement powders essentially cuts out all filler except one thing (gelatin caps, or veggie caps if that is what you use)

  • You can buy capsule machines from various websites over the internet to speed load making capsules with your bulk powder. I bought one from herb affair dot com, but there are plenty of other sellers and brand-names.

  • You can buy capsule in various sizes for your machine from different sites, I used size 0 capsules from Now brand-name which cost me 6.95 for 1000 capsules.

  • You have more control of herbs and supplement quality you purchase. I.e. no fillers, and choices to buy from reputable sources, which will better assure you get what you purchased in your supplements and herbs. (A lot of supplement brands have been known to put in ingredients not on the label, or not put the amount they claim on labels.)


Senior Member
Chicago suburbs
Buying in bulk is definitely the way to go.

These are my favorite suppliers for herbs:

Chinese herbs mostly come in whole form or granules, but Plum Flower sells powdered herbs. The best prices are usually at http://www.maxnature.com/

Ayurvedic herbs:

Vitamins, minerals, supplements, etc: