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Forgotten Plague looking for people to stage screenings

"With our Media Kit and Event Planning Guide, we aim to equip individuals to stage at least 300 screenings of the film worldwide in 2014, changing the conversation one community at a time."


Fine, thank you
Update on this:


Ryan Prior on FB said:
We've been hard at work behind the scenes getting everything prepped for theatrical screenings for Forgotten Plague.

We're partnering with a company called Tugg which has partnerships with major movie theater chains across the U.S. with cinema companies like Regal, Carmike, Landmark, Cinemark and AMC. In all, about 85% of all U.S. movie theaters are part of Tugg's network. So most likely, your local theater is part of the system! For those outside the U.S. or who want to stage non-theatrical screenings in universities or churches, Tugg also an outstanding capacity for sponsoring "community screenings."

Individual event promoters in each local city (we've had up to around 130 informal sign-ups so far) will be able to harness the power of their organization(s) and social networks to garner support for screenings in their own local areas. The process is streamlined and very simple. For theatrical screenings, the Tugg platform enables each individual screening organizer to promote his or her event online and sell tickets directly through Tugg.

Once the event reaches the minimum threshold (usually between 60 and 90 tickets depending on the event/venue), then the screening event happens!

Best of all, Tugg has a true specialty in promoting films that seek to garner broad-based grassroots support toward social change. Many documentaries on Tugg use the platform to directly give back to their social change initiatives. Ours, of course, would be similar. In particular, every Tugg event can be made into a fundraiser benefitting ME/CFS causes.

We hope to have our Tugg "follow us" site up in the next couple weeks, where local promoters (you all!) will be able to start requesting local theaters and booking your screening date. Screenings could start as early as June.

We'll have more details as they become available, but as for now, it's exciting to see the broad outlines taking shape!


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At the bottom of the page on the new website, it states,

"Against great odds, he becomes a reporter and ventures to tell the story of his suffering and improbable recovery."

Anybody know his recovery story?


ᴀɴɴɪᴇ ɢꜱᴀᴍᴩᴇʟ


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"Against great odds, he becomes a reporter and ventures to tell the story of his suffering and improbable recovery."

Anybody know his recovery story?

He did an AMA on Reddit a while back. He talks about his illness, recovery and treatment protocol in one of the comments.

There's a lot of interesting info in the Reddit comments which I personally found a bit hard to get through, because of the layout. I tried to find a shorter overview of his story to read, so I thought I'd share for anyone who also has problems with large blocks of text: http://college.usatoday.com/2012/10/02/opinion-the-real-story-of-chronic-fatigue-syndrome/

Maybe the most important bit in the Reddit comments was the part about his treatment protocol:
Ryan Prior on Reddit said:
My personal doctor is Dr. Karen Bullington in Atlanta, GA. She was trained by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, and the clinic was part of the Fibro and Fatigue Clinics in the US; it is now part of the Holtorf Medical Group. I continue to get an IV infusion monthly (with about 14 ingredients: NADH, glutathione, B12, B2, B-Complex, and many more) as well as give myself a shot weekly (glutathione, NADH, hydroxocobalamine, adenosine monophosphate). I still have to take about 15-20 pills daily.

I've seen a mixed bag of reviews from patients who have been treated this way. Some really do get better. But some do get worse, and I want to emphasize that while this has worked for me, I cannot guarantee it will work for everyone.