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Food not digesting tablets stuck


Senior Member
United Kingdom
Hi all,

Post COVID and to a lesser extent of the last twelve months pre COVID I've been noticing issues with supplements getting stuck at the very base of my oesophagus. Or just sitting maybe right at the top of my stomach. I can drink a whole glass of water and yet there still just sat there.

I've also started getting gastroparesis which seems very common post COVID. I've just picked cooked veg or puréed veg makes it worse. Carrots and butternut squash are bad but so is most veg tbh.

I've also now got bad brainfog anytime I put a supplement or food into my stomach. It got worse when I crashed two days in a room same thing happenened when I crashed two days in a row last week. Gastric paralysis.

I tried betain HCl and felt like I did a lot of damage to my stomach. It took two weeks to heal so I won't be doing that again. Tbh I don't feel like I have low acid. I think it's COVID and probably an entereoviral infection causing h pylori and stomach acid secretion issues.

Just wondered if anyone else had had it post COVID. Sainai say it's due to damage of the vagus nerve. I think in my case covid virus in the gut and likely entereovirus too are irritating it periodically especially in a crash when they all wake up.

I've tried most things to help. Famotidine is probably my main go to. I swore I'd stop taking it but seems super mixed about whether it's safe. I also don't take it every day.

Post COVID my inflammation has been higher than it has in years. I also had low levels of inflammation pre COVID too.